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Chiara Ferragni  - Blue eyes instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureBlue eyes
Chiara Ferragni  - This morning instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureThis morning our little Leo got a very fast procedure at Children’s Hospital to get eartubes in his ears to get rid of some liquid he’s had since he was born that otherways could cause him hearing loss in the long time. His procedure was fast and super simple so we’re super happy we did it and he’s home with us now. Seeing so many parents there having to witness their babies going through open heart surgeries made me cry non-stop and really understand that when you and your family have health, you cannot complain. It is the most important thing in the universe. And being a mum and seeing a child in pain makes you feel like you’re dying. I’m posting this because It is important to acknowledge how lucky we are, everyday. Don’t ever take it for granted. Questa mattina il nostro piccolo Leo ha avuto un piccolissimo intervento al Children’s Hospital per mettere dei tubicini nelle orecchie per poter eliminare del liquido che ha dalla nascita e che, nel lungo tempo, gli avrebbe potuto causare perdita di udito. La sua operazione era molto semplice e lui sta bene ed e’ gia’a casa con noi. Vedere pero’ tantissimi genitori salutare i propri bambini che dovevano sottoporsi ad interventi ben piu’invasivi (alcuni a cuore aperto) mi ha fatto piangere tutto il tempo e mi ha fatto capire, ancora una volta, che se si e’in salute non ci si puo’lamentare. E’veramente la cosa piu importante al mondo, e rende tutto il resto secondario. E da quando sono una mamma vedere altri bambini soffrire mi fa fermare il cuore. Sto postando queste parole per ricordare a me in primis quanto siamo fortunati, ogni giorno.
Chiara Ferragni  - Happy 29th b instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureHappy 29th birthday daddy, we love you @fedez 💘
Chiara Ferragni  - Love the new pomellato incollaborationwithpomellato instagram @chiaraferragni
View Picture#pomellato #incollaborationwithpomellatoLove the new @pomellato store in Beverly Hills 💘 And love their jewels and being their muse 🤗 #Pomellato #InCollaborationWithPomellato
Chiara Ferragni  - But look at instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureBut look at Leo’s face ❤️
Chiara Ferragni  - What a day � instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureWhat a day 🎂 We love our little family, and they’re wearing matching shirts 🤗
Chiara Ferragni  - What an awes universalhhn adv instagram @chiaraferragni
View Picture#universalhhn #advWhat an awesome night to celebrate my husband @fedez’s 29th birthday 😍 Thank you @discoverLA @UniStudios #UniversalHHN #adv
Chiara Ferragni  - Bye for now instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureBye for now Los Angeles, we’ll see you soon! Now It’s time to go back to Milan 💘
Chiara Ferragni  - One flight c instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureOne flight cancelled, one flight delayed, one connecting flight missed and many hours after.. Still here 😔
Chiara Ferragni  - What a magic instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureWhat a magical night ✨
Chiara Ferragni  - 7 months of instagram @chiaraferragni
View Picture7 months of this baby 💘 Love you more than words can express 🤱🏼
Chiara Ferragni  - Yesterday wa instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureYesterday was a very emotional one 😢 Cried my eyes out for a special interview for the documentary. I really want you to be able to see the real me, flaws and insecurities included. But it hurts sometimes to speak your mind completely.
Chiara Ferragni  - 🌭: a love s instagram @chiaraferragni
View Picture🌭: a love story 🤣 (and @fedez making fun of me in the back)
Chiara Ferragni  - Baby’s first instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureBaby’s first drive (this was shot yesterday 🤗)
Chiara Ferragni  - Macha latte instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureMacha latte 😋
Chiara Ferragni  - We re-filmed instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureWe re-filmed Fede’s new music video today on our last full day in Los Angeles since the first one didn’t turn out the way we hoped for. These two weeks here were pretty magical and super productive, can’t wait for you guys to see all the results. And this is me today in leopard trousers 😂
Chiara Ferragni  - My baby and instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureMy baby and I filming on Rodeo for the documentary ✨ @veronicaferraro
Chiara Ferragni  - Good morning instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureGood morning 💘
Chiara Ferragni  - Fluffy baby instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureFluffy baby
Chiara Ferragni  - Hollywood Bl instagram @chiaraferragni
View PictureHollywood Blvd ✨
Chiara Ferragni  - When I opene stophairshaming sponsoredbypantene pantene instagram @chiaraferragni
View Picture#stophairshaming #sponsoredbypantene #panteneWhen I opened TheBlondeSalad.com or my Instagram profile, I could have never imagined how exposed my life could become. I have always loved sharing with you guys my journey, my daily life and experiences. Yet I am also very exposed to hurtful comments and most of the times it’s hard to defend myself as it’s one against many. With this video that I made with @capellipantene pantene I want to share the message that no one should let strangers define who you are based on how your hair looks or even how you say "capelli”. #StopHairshaming and body shaming and start using this platform to spread love and inspire people around you, you’ll feel better, I promise 😉 Let me know if you liked this video and your thoughts ❤ #sponsoredByPantene #Pantene
Maria Eugenia-suarez  - Golden love instagram @sangrejaponesa
View PictureGolden love
Maria Eugenia-suarez  - No es todo m instagram @sangrejaponesa
View PictureNo es todo mío. 👜 @delsey_argentina ❤️
Maria Eugenia-suarez  - 🌺 <a href=" instagram @sangrejaponesa
View Picture🌺 @chinabyantolin
Camila Coelho  - Start and En mylove 16deoutubro instagram @camilacoelho
View Picture#mylove #16deoutubroStart and End your day with LOVE💛 Happy 8th Anniversary my prince (it seems like it was yesterday). I’m grateful every single day to HAVE YOU! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE U @icarobrenner 👰🏽🤵💍 #mylove ————- Comece e termine seu dia COM AMOR! ❤️ Hoje completamos 8 anos casados (parece que foi um dia desse) e meu amor e admiração por você só cresce!) Grata todos os dias por ter você ao meu lado! Sempre vou te amar @icarobrenner 🤵👰🏽💍 #16DeOutubro
Brittany Snow  - 3 wheels are creasiainlove instagram @brittanysnow
View Picture#creasiainlove3 wheels are always safer. #creasiainlove 🚲
Camila Coelho  - Who else lik dressfromthefeetup ootd lookdodia ad instagram @camilacoelho
View Picture#dressfromthefeetup #ootd #lookdodia #adWho else likes to #DressFromTheFeetUp ?! Wearing 🔥 @prada shoes (via @netaporter ) #ootd #lookdodia #ad HAPPY SUNDAY LOVES! ———- Quem também adora começar a se vestir pelo sapato de vez em quando? Pretinho básico e foguinho nos pés (a sandália é @prada via @netaporter ) FELIZ DOMINGO, amores!
Katie Cassidy  - SICKEST Supp supplydrop blackops4 couplestherapy instagram @katiecassidy
View Picture#supplydrop #blackops4 #couplestherapySICKEST Supply Drop of ALL time! #SupplyDrop @callofduty #BlackOps4 all it’s missing is the couch co-op story mode! #CouplesTherapy
Sue Ramirez  - morning 😘 instagram @sueannadoodles
View Picturemorning 😘
Carolina Ardohain  - Casi todas l tbt instagram @pampitaoficial
View Picture#tbt#tbt Casi todas las fotos de mi infancia estoy con rodete y vestida de rosa. En esta foto mi Mamá puso una toalla atrás para la foto y yo posé en primera posición. Para mi en esta foto estoy igual a Beltrán.
Sue Ramirez  - bababa baban instagram @sueannadoodles
View Picturebababa babanana 🍌 . styled by @drewlacia @jakiemendoza @nikivizcarra 💕
Carolina Ardohain  - ♻️♻️♻️ modoferiado instagram @pampitaoficial
View Picture#modoferiado#modoferiado ♻️♻️♻️
Sue Ramirez  - 🌻🌻🌻 yello asapoctoverload instagram @sueannadoodles
View Picture#asapoctoverload🌻🌻🌻 yellow 🌻🌻🌻 . make up by @juliuscmua , hair by @iammjrone , styling by @drewlacia @nikivizcarra @jakiemendoza , contact lenses from @eyekyandishop , nails by @extraordinail 💛 #asapoctoverload
Amra Olevic  - Starting off blackseries instagram @amrezy
View Picture#blackseriesStarting off #BlackSeries slowly but surely 🖤 Outfit @fashionnova ♠️
Maria Eugenia-suarez  - 🌺 <a href=" instagram @sangrejaponesa
View Picture🌺 @chinabyantolin
Maria Eugenia-suarez  - Paraíso .
. instagram @sangrejaponesa
View PictureParaíso . . . @birkenstockar
Maria Eugenia-suarez  - Domingo 🌺 . instagram @sangrejaponesa
View PictureDomingo 🌺 . . @jazmeendeco
Camila Coelho  - Lilac Monday ootd lookdodia moda galeriatricot instagram @camilacoelho
View Picture#ootd #lookdodia #moda #galeriatricotLilac Mondays!!!💜 Segundona Lilás e feminina ( bateu saudade de usar saia MIDI) look todo @galeriatricot ! (Deslize pro lado pro look inteiro) Como foi o feriadão de vocês? #ootd #lookdodia #moda #galeriatricot
Carolina Ardohain  - Ahora en PH. instagram @pampitaoficial
View PictureAhora en PH.
Amra Olevic  - Pretty gang, instagram @amrezy
View PicturePretty gang, sir, pretty gangster 🎶
Ini Edo  - Goodnight su instagram @iniedo
View PictureGoodnight sunshine💛
Julie Sarinana  - The sj x <a sincerelyscunci instagram @sincerelyjules
View Picture#sincerelyscunciThe sj x @scunci launch still going strong! Shop link in bio or at any Target store nationwide! #sincerelyscunci 💫
Brittany Snow  - (and wrap pa creasiainlove instagram @brittanysnow
View Picture#creasiainlove#creasiainlove (and wrap party for Oh-fish-ally in love. Jk) 🐟💙 So honored to be a part of this love story
Ini Edo  - Sweet Jesus. instagram @iniedo
View PictureSweet Jesus..Into thy hands🙏 Outfit by @medlinboss
Carolina Ardohain  - elida.swimwe instagram @pampitaoficial
View Picture@elida.swimwear
Julie Sarinana  - Mon cœur est instagram @sincerelyjules
View PictureMon cœur est à toi. ❤️ 🐻@kevinberruuu