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Kristina Bazan  - HERE WE GO! ephv1 instagram @kristinabazan
View Picture#ephv1HERE WE GO! My first EP « EPHV1 » drops next Friday, October 26th, two days before my birthday 🦂 I truly cannot believe I even got to this stage... I am so incredibly proud to be doing what I love, what I believe in, pursuing a direction that I know, some might not understand or relate to, but this is my perspective, my message and what I wish to contribute. To make a living of music always seemed like a completely unrealistic fantasy, and yet somehow day by day I get to do what makes my heart race, something that gives sense to everything, something that makes everything worth living. I hope you guys will give me a chance to prove to you that this is not just a little phase, but represents the woman I’ve grown into, through all the experiences that shaped me so far. I hope that you can respect that and allow me to let go of who I used to be, or what I represented without missing it. But instead welcome the new day. Evolution is part of our nature. I can only hope to challenge our thinking and our perceptions, our approach to people, especially creators in this social media era who struggle more and more to stay human when everyone tries to turn them into a manufactured product. An artist is not a product and we should all be free to change, to express ourselves freely, to make mistakes and above all not conform to the demands of an industry that evolves mainly around profit. This isn’t about fame, this isn’t about money, this isn’t about being on trend or about a new marketing strategy. This is my way of sharing something pure and from the soul with all of you. Hoping it will move you and touch you in some way and perhaps reflect something about our curious new generation. Pre-order now « EPHV1 » link in my bio box and see you on October 26th for the reveal ❤️🖤 #EPHV1 @e47records Cover by @elisaparron
Selina Christoforou  - 65 hunnid de sg suicidegirls instagram @semc
View Picture#sg #suicidegirls65 hunnid degrees 💥🔥 📸 by @scottcolephoto one piece is @creepstreet #sg #suicidegirls
Carol Castro  - Feliz aniver instagram @castrocarol
View PictureFeliz aniversário pra essa força da natureza...com quem tive o privilégio de contracenar no longa “O juízo” , que ainda chegará às telonas. Ela é sinônimo de parceria, generosidade, sabedoria, talento e energia. Que papai do céu continue te enchendo de saúde para que continue fazendo o que tanto ama: o seu ofício. Obrigada,Dona Fernanda. O aniversário é seu, mas quem ganha somos nós. Aqui, realizei um sonho! ❤️ Foto: @behr_dan
Paige  - Go follow th bosslady twitter @RealPaigeWWE
View Picture#bossladyGo follow the Saraya store on insta. #BossLady https://t.co/kqVhOuVxnD
Sonakshi Sinha  - Aaj Sunday h twitter @sonakshisinha
View PictureAaj Sunday hai... oldest excuse in the book. Quit using it. Its now or never, sunday ho ya monday! https://t.co/hGeWCzTDH6
Chrissy Teigen  - read john’s twitter @chrissyteigen
View Pictureread john’s @GQMagazine article this riveting quote and more https://t.co/bnD9T9m4tr https://t.co/i9WtJ5jWi5
Nicolette Shea  - APPRECIATE E twitter @Nicolette_Shea
Chloe Kim  - stoked on th twitter @ChloeKim
Watch Videostoked on this new one https://t.co/ClwFo3WrPG
Tyra Banks twitter @tyrabanks
View Picturehttps://t.co/tXqzN79Mru
Kendall Jenner  - Shop our col kkfall18 twitter @KendallJenner
View Picture#kkfall18Shop our #KKFALL18 collection on @amazon @amazonlifestyle @kendallandkylie https://t.co/sNfIMs6ZUj https://t.co/dVsHrqsZgZ
Eva Minaeva  - lindsayadler instagram @eva.minaeva
View Picture@lindsayadler_photo 🖤 @haircuttery
Alice Wegmann  - para dias es instagram @alice.weg
View Picturepara dias escuros: amigos (arrastaprolado)
Alice Wegmann  - miguel rio b instagram @alice.weg
View Picturemiguel rio branco roda roda e não sai nunca do lugar
Margot Robbie  - On the set o reddit @MargotRobbie
View PictureOn the set of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Eva Minaeva  - 2
<a href="/ instagram @eva.minaeva
View Picture2 @myroslav_piurko
Sue Ramirez  - Got BIG DREA bigbitedreambig 711ph instagram @sueannadoodles
View Picture#bigbitedreambig #711phGot BIG DREAMS?! @maymay , @wil_dasovich and I together with @711ph got you covered! 😉 . I’m really blessed to have a career that allows me to not just touch people’s lives, but make their big dreams come true too! Go to @711ph facebook page now to learn how easy it is to get a chance to watch an amazing concert with me! 🎸🤟🏻♥️ 🌭 . #bigbitedreambig #711ph 💋
Victoria Justice  - Table for 2 twitter @VictoriaJustice
View PictureTable for 2 please ✌🏼 @themadisongrace 💕 https://t.co/HUWLSiZ3gH
Kay Bear-cosplay  - Good night k twitter @kayyybearxo
View PictureGood night kitties https://t.co/xCI9U4797E
Saina Nehwal  - Grand Hotel odense denmarkopensuper750 twitter @NSaina
View Picture#odense #denmarkopensuper750Grand Hotel .... #odense #denmarkopensuper750 👍 @NHarvir ☺️ https://t.co/wJHelGtzJF
Amanda Cerny  - I'd let her reddit @AmandaCerny
View PictureI'd let her tug my rope
Veronica Rodriguez  - mypasserella instagram @teamvrod
View Picture@mypasserella 👗
Rebecca Penfold  - “Fine lines” ad instagram @ohmygarters
View Picture#ad“Fine lines” bikini - @fashionnovacurve #AD
Sunny Leone  - On sets of < sunnyleone twitter @SunnyLeone
View Picture#sunnyleoneOn sets of @MTVIndia - India's next top model!! #SunnyLeone https://t.co/dPdPObousI
Eva Minaeva  - Whatever com instagram @eva.minaeva
View PictureWhatever comes tomorrow - happened yesterday
Rebecca Penfold  - ‘Girl code’ ad instagram @ohmygarters
View Picture#ad‘Girl code’ bikini - @fashionnovacurve #AD
Julia Lescova  - Posting thes makeup swim potd ootd swimsuit instagram @julialescova
View Picture#makeup #swim #potd #ootd #swimsuit #love #voteforme #maximPosting these things to get those Maxim votes 😜🙏🏻 📸 @dreamstatelive #makeup @gracebalsamomua #swim @mollyjswim #potd #ootd #swimsuit #love #voteforme #maxim
Rebeka Karpati  - Egy kis hajv kevinmurphy treatme hairvibes balayage balayageombre instagram @rebekarpati
View Picture#kevinmurphy #treatme #hairvibes #balayage #balayageombreEgy kis hajvágás és ápolás sosem árt.🙏🏻☺️ @fboglar @heaveninstyle #kevinmurphy #treatme #hairvibes #balayage #balayageombre
Eva Minaeva  - 1
<a href="/ instagram @eva.minaeva
View Picture1 @anabelkras @viktor_tarnavskyi @myroslav_piurko
Dalianah Arekion  - gavinoneillp preview bts cantstopwontstop nyc newyork instagram @dalianaharekion
View Picture#preview #bts #cantstopwontstop #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity@gavinoneillphoto ✨ Coming very soon... #preview #bts #cantstopwontstop #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Bonding over worlds2018 twitter @sjokz
Watch Video#worlds2018Bonding over #WORLDS2018 with @OvileeMay https://t.co/3jIoAtAm2A
Ella Cruz  - i just wanna twitter @itsEllaCruz
View Picturei just wanna love you ~ https://t.co/f1racj0n8Q
Karol Sevilla  - Estoy hacien twitter @karolsevilla
View PictureEstoy haciendo lo que más me hace feliz ❤️ 😊 pero hoy se cumple uno de mis sueños más grandes 🙈 https://t.co/ZMuXo3QcXf
Riley Reid  - 💉 💉 twitter @rileyreidx3
Watch Video💉 https://t.co/vnh2GGoc0n 💉 https://t.co/Ia22A86o33
Selina Christoforou  - resting bitc sg suicidegirls mybluebella instagram @semc
View Picture#sg #suicidegirls #mybluebellaresting bitch face 101. wearing @bluebella Pandora set #sg #suicidegirls #mybluebella 📸 @scottcolephoto
Kay Bear-cosplay  - Which side a wehavebooty twitter @kayyybearxo
View Picture#wehavebootyWhich side are you on? #Wehavebooty https://t.co/bYKAeGLMFj
Jasmine Curtis-smith  - To everyone oppof9 instagram @jascurtissmith
View Picture#oppof9To everyone that shared our gala evening fun last night, thank you! Especially these girls and their friends/family for always being present at my screenings! 🤗 Happy Sunday!! #OPPOF9
Kriti Sanon twitter @kritisanon
View Picturehttps://t.co/dLvqPEoKye
Rebeka Karpati  - ➡️ EQ SEXY ⬅ eqsexy instagram @rebekarpati
View Picture#eqsexy➡️ EQ SEXY ⬅️Tudom ez nem annyira “instagramos” vagy “fashion-os” poszt, de számomra annál fontosabb.:) Az elmúlt hetekben megismertem egy nagyon különleges és példaértékű hölgyet, Kósa Erikát aki által megismerhettem ezt a megmozdulást, közösséget. 😌Október 13-án ünnepeltük az EQ, azaz az érzelmi intelligencia napját, ahol többek közt engem is felkértek egy kerekasztal beszélgetésre ebben a témában, ötvözve a social media-val. Szerettem olyan emberek között lenni akik fejlődni szeretnének, akiknek céljaik vannak, akiknek fontosak a belső értékek. 💛@kosaerikaakademia #EQSEXY
Reese Witherspoon  - Tip toeing i twitter @RWitherspoon
View PictureTip toeing into Halloween mode like.. 🎃 https://t.co/6aO5UNhMbH
Yanet Garcia  - Gracias por twitter @IamYanetGarcia
Watch VideoGracias por la invitación @MontseYJoe ☔️☀️⚡️ https://t.co/xym57nnye0
Amy Fantasy  - Yo, so i hea streetfightercosplay streetfighter chunlicosplay cammywhitecosplay cammywhite instagram @amyfantasy
View Picture#streetfightercosplay #streetfighter #chunlicosplay #cammywhitecosplay #cammywhite #amyfantasy #domicosplayYo, so i hear you like big booty. So how about some big booty with some more booty? @cosplayerdomi is my hot AF Chun Li, we shot a set today for our Patreons so stay tuned for NSFW BTS Patreon.com/AmyFantasy #streetfightercosplay #streetfighter #chunlicosplay #cammywhitecosplay #cammywhite #amyfantasy #domicosplay
Carolina Ardohain  - Mañana van a beautypampitatips instagram @pampitaoficial
View Picture#beautypampitatipsMañana van a poder participar conmigo de un Hair Session en Musimundo Portal Palermo. Voy presentar mi nueva línea de productos para el pelo y van a conocer mis #BeautyPampitaTips. Para Saber mas del evento sigan a @BeautyPampita y enterate de todo! Te lo vas a perder?
Jasmine Curtis-smith  - All smiles o jcsfilm justhavefun instagram @jascurtissmith
View Picture#jcsfilm #justhavefunAll smiles on set for @nvrtearusapart with @planetumeboshi and @rickyad 🖤 Very thankful I got to experience working opposite sir Ricky, and I am looking forward to when we can share a frame together Ate Meryl!! This film was a double Whammy of fun, pun intended. 😜 Today's screenings: 1PM Cinematheque Centre Manila 3PM Cinema 76 San Juan 3PM Cinema 76 Anonas 630PM Santolan Town Plaza 7PM UP Film Center (Q+A) see u 😉 #JCSFilm #justhavefun
Sofia Andres twitter @iamsofiaandres
View Picturehttps://t.co/wxopmU1QyT
Karolina Malisova  - Moje nejobli autumn fall beautiful blondie thisview instagram @karolinamalisova
View Picture#autumn #fall #beautiful #blondie #thisviewMoje nejoblibenější období v roce 🍁🦔 #autumn #fall #beautiful #blondie #thisview
Sara Jean-underwood  - Mixing it up twitter @SaraUnderwood
View PictureMixing it up. https://t.co/VySocwrl55
Katrina Jade  - Slut booty twitter @kj_fetishmodel
View PictureSlut booty https://t.co/izgRob3yC9
Dalianah Arekion  - 💎💙 <a href workworkwork nyc newyork newyorkcity instagram @dalianaharekion
View Picture#workworkwork #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity💎💙 @gavinoneillphoto #workworkwork #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity
Dalianah Arekion  - Alguien que portrait nyc newyork newyorkcity instagram @dalianaharekion
View Picture#portrait #nyc #newyork #newyorkcityAlguien que nos mire, como si estuviera por primera vez, frente al mar♓️ || We continue w/ @gavinoneillphoto #portrait #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity
Cheyenne Carty  - Sunday servi instagram @chey_maya
View PictureSunday service 😴
Nicole Aniston  - This bathroo twitter @XNicoleAnistonX
View PictureThis bathroom will soon be solar plexus yellow.☀️ https://t.co/ZySZKkCkez
Darshelle Stevens  - 💜🕊 twitter @Darshelle_
View Picture💜🕊 https://t.co/0lkmIoerjm
Martina Stoessel  - 🌷 🌷 quierovolver twitter @TiniStoessel
View Picture#quierovolver🌷#QuieroVolver 🌷 https://t.co/EZlkv8mmHQ https://t.co/Be3GkxlTBe
Cheyenne Carty  - 🌞 aland instagram @chey_maya
View Picture#aland🌞 #ALAND
Rebeka Karpati  - ❤️100.000 FO 100k birthday thankyou instagram @rebekarpati
View Picture#100k #birthday #thankyou❤️100.000 FOLLOWERS + BIRTHDAY SHOOTING WITH MY FOLLOWERS ❤️ | Ééés... egy héttel ezelőtt megünnepeltük a születésnapomat, illetve a 100.000. követőt ezzel a 3 csodálatos lánnyal (@doradaroczii @tamihornyak @fruzsioravecz ), akiket véletlenszerűen kiválasztottam erre az alkalomra a múltkori játék által. ☺️💕 Kedves összes követőm! ❤️NAGYON HÁLÁS VAGYOK NEKTEK ÉS NAGYON SZERETLEK TITEKET!💕🙏🏻 Köszönöm, hogy itt vagytok és támogattok. 💕🙏🏻 Hamarosan hozom a többi képet is! ☺️💕 @szommeredina és @antal.kliszek nektek is köszönök minden segítséget, hogy létrejöhetett ez a nap.☺️💕 És at last but not least köszi @upndownbp , hogy helyet adtatok és vendégül láttátok kis csapatunkat.💕☺️ #100k #birthday #thankyou
Karlie Kloss  - turns jury d twitter @karliekloss
View Picture*turns jury duty into a photo shoot* https://t.co/lHQlQbGu3h