Jojo Babie Von South @jojo_babie (3/5/18)
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Jojo Babie  - 10 FACTS ABO instagram
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Jojo Babie

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10 FACTS ABOUT ME 😊 1. I love the beach and mountains (didn't grow up with it so I'm obsessed! 🏝⛰ ) 2. I'm 5'5 ( but with heels on I'm tall af 👠) 3. I HATE CLOWNS 🖕🏻🤡 4. Favorite color is purple 💜 5. I look mean but I'm really not. (I have a resting b*tch face til you make me laugh then I can't stop laughing 😂) 6. I'm the oldest and have 1 brother 👫 7. I rather go to an ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet! (take me there 😋🍽) 8. I check if the door is locked atleast 3xs before I leave the house 🏡 🔑 9. I believe in UFOS 🛸 👽 10. Whiskey is my choice of fun! 🥃 💃🏼 - ❤️ Tell me something about you!

by Jojo Babie (Von Southi), 5 months ago
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