Viki Odintcova @viki_odintcova (4/5/18)
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Viki Odintcova  - We are relax instagram @viki_odintcova
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Viki Odintcova

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We are relaxing for over a week with @mavrin @irina_dreyt (MAVRIN studios) in Phuket (Patong area). Today we have decided to change the location and went to the Ban Khao district to meet our old friend @liverichmedia and at the same time make a collaboration. The first video is already ready 👏🏼 you will see the result soon enough; I will make you happy with our new photos and videos!) Thanks for an awesome work @brendanforbes @kevinostaj @josecorella

by Viki Odintcova, 4 months ago
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