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Aja L. Evans is an American Olympic medalists bobsledder who competes as a brakeman. At her Chicago public high school she was an All-American track & field City Champion in sprints and shot put.

Free Aja Evans Pictures Gallery - American bobsledder - Popular

Aja Evans  - GRATEFUL. th instagram @ajalevans
View PictureGRATEFUL. that’s the only word to describe this feeling. Grateful for the journey. Grateful for the ups... grateful for the lessons I learned from the downs. Grateful for the love. Grateful for the support... grateful for all my accomplishments. Listen, when I tell you we laid it all on the line.. I mean that! @jamiegreubel and I fought a good fight with NO regrets! Congratulations to everyone that made the podium, it has been a battle this entire season and you all couldn’t be more deserving of your medals! (What a race though! ) Thank you to all my friends, family, @usabs , fans, and people supporting me from all parts of the world. This journey is bigger than a medal for us, I feel it in my heart and know that it’s not over yet! ♥️
Aja Evans  - jamiegreubel instagram @ajalevans
View Picture@jamiegreubel let’s do this. || Race Day link/info in bio... Stream it live via the NBC Sports app 💜
Aja Evans  - O P E N I N instagram @ajalevans
View PictureO P E N I N G C E R E M O N Y.
Aja Evans  - Let me fangi instagram @ajalevans
View PictureLet me fangirl real quick... I’m obsessed with the 🐐 @lindseyvonn 🙌🏿
Aja Evans  - When you’re espys instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#espysWhen you’re both beauty and a beast 🙃 #espys
Aja Evans  - Never apolog internationalwomensday instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#internationalwomensdayNever apologize for being a powerful f**king woman 👑💅🏿 Happy #internationalwomensday
Aja Evans  - Your type is instagram @ajalevans
View PictureYour type is harder to find ✨
Aja Evans  - Did you catc instagram @ajalevans
View PictureDid you catch us on the @todayshow ?! 5 more days until GO time! 🙌🏿🙏🏿
Aja Evans  - Opening Cere instagram @ajalevans
View PictureOpening Ceremony continues to be the most breathtaking experience of my life! Tune in now on @nbc to watch! ❤️
Aja Evans  - Them: So Aja happytuesday tacosisbae tacotuesday instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#happytuesday #tacosisbae #tacotuesdayThem: So Aja.. you just have this glow about you today, you got a bae? Me: Yep, sure do...😍🌮 #happytuesday #tacosisbae #tacotuesday
Aja Evans  - Because, Mex tbt instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#tbtBecause, Mexico was good to a playa 🦋 #tbt
Aja Evans  - 🔋. 7 days. instagram @ajalevans
View Picture🔋... 7 days.
Aja Evans  - Honored to a instagram @ajalevans
View PictureHonored to announced that I’ve been named to the 2018 USA Olympic Team!!!!! It’s so crazy to see how far I’ve come, but I couldn’t be more excited to see how far I’ll go!!! Thank you all so much for continuing to support my journey, and keeping me in your prayers. We got work to do in @pyeongchang2018 let’s goooooo!!!! ❤️
Aja Evans  - Can’t believ winterolympics fbf openingceremony instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#winterolympics #fbf #openingceremonyCan’t believe the #winterolympics were weeks ago 😢 #fbf to my #openingceremony look! The 💄 is @limecrimemakeup wicked x red velvet 💋
Aja Evans  - One of my fa olympicgames instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#olympicgamesOne of my favorite parts about being at the #OlympicGames is cheering on @teamusa in other events! Got to watch my boo @biney.biney live today with my brother from another @kai_kun24 ❤️💙
Aja Evans  - Dear 30s, yo happybirthdaytome instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#happybirthdaytomeDear 30s, you have a lot to live up to... Cheers to many more 💛 #HappyBirthdayToMe
Aja Evans  - The young Ki instagram @ajalevans
View PictureThe young Kings && Queens of winter 👑 🇳🇬 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🇬🇭
Aja Evans  - Thank you <a instagram @ajalevans
View PictureThank you @pyeongchang2018 !! 💜
Aja Evans  - Them: What h instagram @ajalevans
View PictureThem: What have you been up to since the Olympics? Me: 🤳🏿 || hair: @adena360 x @igetscrazy
Aja Evans  - s/o to my bo espys instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#espyss/o to my boos @ricohairapist and @mr.austinryde for glamming me tf up! You guys had my back yesterday ❤️ love you both! #espys
Aja Evans  - Because 10 d getitdone noexcuses instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#getitdone #noexcusesBecause 10 degrees is perfect sprint weather 😐😂🏃🏿‍♀️ #getitdone #noexcuses
Aja Evans  - Feed me good instagram @ajalevans
View PictureFeed me good food and love me longtime 🌹
Aja Evans  - Good on any otrii instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#otriiGood on any MLK blvd #otrii
Aja Evans  - Honored to m instagram @ajalevans
View PictureHonored to meet the legend @magicjohnson 🙌🏿🙏🏿
Aja Evans  - “If you do w instagram @ajalevans
View Picture“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” 😄
Aja Evans  - 📟. 1 more d instagram @ajalevans
View Picture📟... 1 more day.
Aja Evans  - Thank you to chicagosteam instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#chicagosteamThank you to my @wintrust family for the fun Welcome Home event! And thank you for supporting my journey! ♥️ #ChicagosTeam
Aja Evans  - Smile, it’s instagram @ajalevans
View PictureSmile, it’s Monday! 😁 New week. New goals. Let’s gooooo.
Aja Evans  - So excited t heatthewayforteamusa ad instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#heatthewayforteamusa #adSo excited to share the Opening Ceremony look from Polo Ralph Lauren! 😍 Both the opening and closing ceremony jackets are made with innovative heat technology to keep us warm in the open air stadium in PyeongChang! #HeatTheWayForTeamUSA For every post liked/viewed using #HeatTheWayForTeamUSA from 1/22 12:00 AM ET to 1/23 12:00AM ET, Ralph Lauren Corporation will donate $1 (up to a maximum of $100k) to the USOC. #Ad @poloralphlauren
Aja Evans  - Photo cred📸 instagram @ajalevans
View PicturePhoto cred📸: Rih Rih
Aja Evans  - Thank you to instagram @ajalevans
View PictureThank you to the amazingly talented @sophieandlili for this dope drawing!!! 😍💜 @poloralphlauren
Aja Evans  - She said she instagram @ajalevans
View PictureShe said she gon do what to who??
Aja Evans  - Excited to b facebook @AjaLEvans
View PictureExcited to be a part of the Chicago Sports Huddle! Head over to and register!!!!
Aja Evans  - to my very f tbt will willfindsaway instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#tbt #will #willfindsaway#tbt to my very first bobsled race.... this was in 2012 for USA Team Trials. I love this picture because you can see it in my eyes... the WILL. I was nervous... anxious... yet.. fierce and ready to take on whatever I needed to accomplish my goal. Growing up I always thought my Olympic success was going to look a certain way because I grew up doing track and field and grew up having people tell me what I could and couldn’t do. But through that I found my own path and power to make my dreams happen the way I wanted them to happen! 🖤 What’s your story of #WILL ? #WillFindsAWay @underarmour @usabs
Aja Evans  - Selfie game instagram @ajalevans
View PictureSelfie game strong ✊🏿😂😴
Aja Evans  - God’s plan. instagram @ajalevans
View PictureGod’s plan. 🖤
Aja Evans  - Big thanks t ralphlauren instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#ralphlaurenBig thanks to all the supporters that came out to hang with us at the #RalphLauren store in Soho!!!! So much love for my @poloralphlauren fam ♥️
Aja Evans  - Travel dairi instagram @ajalevans
View PictureTravel dairies... LA ➡️ San Diego || but s/o to my hurrrrr @ricohairapist you’re stuck with me! 😍💁🏿‍♀️
Aja Evans  - Hump Day orr happywednesday humpday instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#happywednesday #humpdayHump Day orrrrr Jump Day? 🙃 #happywednesday #humpday🐫
Aja Evans  - Since landin pyeongchang2018 glowup ad instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#pyeongchang2018 #glowup #adSince landing in Korea for the Olympic Winter Games #PyeongChang2018, you’d think that the cold weather would make my skin dry and dull…but nope! @Olay Cleansing Infusions Body Wash makes my skin literally glow, with or without makeup... The #glowup is real 💁🏿‍♀️ #ad
Aja Evans  - Get you a bo brakeman brakemen grind olympian olympics instagram @ajalevans
View Picture#brakeman #brakemen #grind #olympian #olympics #teamusa #beastmode #repost #motivation #progenex #progenexmove #bobsled #athlete #inspo #inspiration #strongisbeautiful #fit #bobsleigh #winteriscoming #election #electionday #usa #nationalteam #blackgirlmagic #bmw #bmwusaGet you a bobsledder... . . . #brakeman #brakemen #grind #Olympian #Olympics #teamUSA #beastmode #repost #motivation #progenex #progenexMOVE #bobsled #athlete #inspo #inspiration #strongisbeautiful #fit #bobsled #bobsleigh #winteriscoming #election #electionday #usa #nationalteam #blackgirlmagic #bmw #bmwusa photo cred: @mollychoma
Aja Evans  - Cozy travel instagram @ajalevans
View PictureCozy travel day thanks to my @poloralphlauren fam! Off to Königssee for my last race before the Olympics! 💜
Aja Evans  - Baby, don’t instagram @ajalevans
View PictureBaby, don’t let the smiles fool you. 🙃 || click the link in my bio to check us out in @glamourmag
Aja Evans  - We did it!!! twitter @AjaLEvans
View PictureWe did it!!!! BRONZE, baby!!! I'll take that!