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Ajuma Nasenyana

Kenyan model

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Ajuma Nasenyana is a Kenyan model. She has worked with Victoria's Secret and Carlos Mienes, among other designers.

Free Ajuma Nasenyana Pictures Gallery - Kenyan model - Popular

Ajuma Nasenyana  - 🐰 Happy Eas melaninpopping goodfriday twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#melaninpopping #goodfriday🐰 Happy Easter 🐇 #melaninpopping #GoodFriday
Ajuma Nasenyana  - So excited t twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureSo excited to share this amazing experience Tickets up for grabs Head over at
Ajuma Nasenyana  - My roots, my twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureMy roots, my core, my pride. l’m honored to be the face of Turkana Tourism and Cultural Festival, Tobong’u Lore 2018
Ajuma Nasenyana twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture
Ajuma Nasenyana  - The fire ins happy twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#happyThe fire inside me burns brighter than the fire around me 🌞🌋 #happy
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Have a Monda eastermonday twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#eastermondayHave a Monday full of colors #Eastermonday
Ajuma Nasenyana paymodelske twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#paymodelske#PayModelsKE
Ajuma Nasenyana  - “When the ro tobongulorefestival2018 twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#tobongulorefestival2018“When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the winds. #tobonguloreFestival2018. April 19th - April 21st
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Meet me wher tembeakenya turkana twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#tembeakenya #turkanaMeet me where the sky touches the sea Eliye Beach Festival happening this Easter #tembeakenya #turkana
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Welcome Back tobongulore turkanacounty twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#tobongulore #turkanacountyWelcome Back Home 1st Lady Margaret Kenyatta 🌱 #Tobongulore #TurkanaCounty
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Let’s go to twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureLet’s go to Lake Turkana this Easter. Follow @eliyebeachfestival for more TURKANA! LODWAR! THIS EASTER 30TH and 31ST
Ajuma Nasenyana  - owidi: Henga twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture"@owidi: Henga who came up withe Black is Beauty saying must ave seen this..."@ajumanasenyana:"" Im honoured:)
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Morning. I a twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureMorning. I am blessed to be on the cover the cover of Couture Africa. Pick your copy this weekend.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - We are looki twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureWe are looking for cool camera kids. Do you know one?
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Finally the sun shareacadamy twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#sun #shareacadamyFinally the #sun @serenahotels location 4 the media tour @CityAfrica @lintons_beauty @sunnydolat @KLM #shareacadamy
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Always try. twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureAlways try. You never know what will happen.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Never give u twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureNever give up. You never know how close you truely are to success
Ajuma Nasenyana  - The hottest citymodelsafricalaunch twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#citymodelsafricalaunchThe hottest event in Nairobi is going down tonight. @cityafrica launch.. #CityModelsAfricaLaunch.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Throw back V twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureThrow back VS show @AdrianaLima
Ajuma Nasenyana  - True . Now e turkana culture africa photography model twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#turkana #culture #africa #photography #model #fafakenya #worklifeTrue #Turkana #culture. Now exposed! On judging panel. @ANTMAfrica #Africa #Photography #Model #fafakenya #worklife
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Auditions ar ajumainrongai rongaihastalent twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#ajumainrongai #rongaihastalentAuditions are under way. Check out the first talent to shoot #AjumaInRongai #RongaiHasTalent
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Be PROUD of twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureBe PROUD of all that you are...and make the most of your STRENGTHS!
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Hey guys. To twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureHey guys. To apply to CMA, follow the guidelines in the attached image. If you have any questions, call 0716436191.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Some morning twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureSome morning motivation for you guys today. Don't fear failing.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Lovely wakin twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureLovely waking up to the birds chirping. Have a wonderfully vibrant Sunday.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - my first sho twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture@ my first show.. Scary heel.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Remember to twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureRemember to work hard every day. Because you create your dreams.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Good morning twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureGood morning. Remember to keep trying, keep practising. Success is certain.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Remember to twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureRemember to work hard every day. Because you create your dreams.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Audition Ale twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureAudition Alert. Models and actors needed. Check the poster and call 0737404070.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - 2 days left. cma ajumaiscalling twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#cma #ajumaiscalling2 days left. I'm excited. Who else is excited? :D Please RT if you are as excited as we are. #CMA #AjumaIsCalling
Ajuma Nasenyana  - tyrabanks: F twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture"@tyrabanks: First actresses have taken covers from models and now THIS!!! 😉" LOL..
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Not bad for twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureNot bad for 1st time huh? Thank you @BrewBistroKenya coocking with class
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Lovely sunny paris fashionweek twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#paris #fashionweekLovely sunny day #Paris #fashionweek
Ajuma Nasenyana  - are having a rongatalent twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#rongatalent#RongaTalent are having a good time during today's event. They are calm and very confident. Good signs.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - These Are Yo twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureThese Are Your Lifetimes. Use Them.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Ever felt th twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureEver felt that maybe you cant make? When that happens, think of the quote in this pic, and keep going.
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Ambition and twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureAmbition and hard work lead to success.
Ajuma Nasenyana twitter @ajumanasenyana
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Ajuma Nasenyana  - Elephants ta keeptimalive twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture#keeptimaliveElephants take my breath away #KeepTimAlive
Ajuma Nasenyana  - looking for twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picturelooking for a tall Caucasian male.Please send your pictures to [email protected]/respond on Facebook
Ajuma Nasenyana  - We always ha twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureWe always have too much fun together. @Elsie_njeri
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Cant wait to twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureCant wait to try my lunch with the help of chef Tim @BrewBistroKenya
Ajuma Nasenyana  - Hollandaise twitter @ajumanasenyana
View PictureHollandaise sauce done.. ouch my arm.. that was hectic but fun. @BrewBistroKenya
Ajuma Nasenyana twitter @ajumanasenyana
View Picture