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Alex Gonzaga is a Filipino television host, singer, actress, and author. Her first major role was as a lead cast member on the ABS-CBN sitcom Let's Go and Gokada Go!. She starred in the films I've Fallen For You and The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin.

Free Alex Gonzaga Pictures Gallery - Television host - Popular

Alex Gonzaga  - Back to you instagram @cathygonzaga
View PictureBack to you my papamel!!! i am a Jaz Cruz no more because of you! This maybe our last day on some cinemas but to everyone who watched our film and gave good feedback and reviews, thank you so much!!!! I wish everyone who got inspired by our movie to wait for God’s right timing until you get over your Migs, treasure your own Kimpoys, and finally find your own Mikee ❤️
Alex Gonzaga  - How i left t instagram @cathygonzaga
View PictureHow i left the ball last night. Pa-anak ni zuma na ako may effect na pala pilates ko. 📷 @magicliwanag 😂
Alex Gonzaga  - Shuxxxx ang instagram @cathygonzaga
View PictureShuxxxx ang ganda ko. Walang kokontra.
Alex Gonzaga  - Hey SF peopl instagram @cathygonzaga
View PictureHey SF people see you later and tomorrow!!! We have AG MERCH in the show!!! Cool is in! 😛
Alex Gonzaga  - Hi Fifi!!! T instagram @cathygonzaga
View PictureHi Fifi!!! Tomorrow is our big day!! Thank you for entrusting me to play Jaz. I am so proud of how you made this film. God knows our sacrifices, struggles and dream for this project. Si Lord na bahala sa atin but whatever happens we all know YOU did your BEST! @wilbrosfilms thank you for taking a risk on us!
Alex Gonzaga  - Swipe to see instagram @cathygonzaga
View PictureSwipe to see how much we missed each other!!! 3 weeks of no Tinang time 😏😭 (di ako preggy, nakaliyad lang)
Alex Gonzaga  - Nagtry magpa instagram @cathygonzaga
View PictureNagtry magpaka-blogger sa pose pero nakalimutan isama mukha. Paano na?
Alex Gonzaga  - ALEX Batalli instagram @cathygonzaga
View PictureALEX Batallion. Booties from @pink_blossom2012 🤟🏼
Alex Gonzaga  - Kung minsan instagram @cathygonzaga
View PictureKung minsan lang maging maganda sa selfie, ipost na agad.
Alex Gonzaga  - Netizens and ebloggersball2018 instagram @cathygonzaga
View Picture#ebloggersball2018Netizens and family we won last night! Your emails and finger tips did it! #EBloggersBall2018❤️
Alex Gonzaga  - Ang nag-iisa instagram @cathygonzaga
View PictureAng nag-iisang lalaki laging nabubully, Happy birthday Roberto! Alamo na wish namin sayo! 😂
Alex Gonzaga  - Anywhere, an sarapkaladkarin instagram @cathygonzaga
View Picture#sarapkaladkarinAnywhere, anytime.... #SarapKaladkarin ng Lucky me Go cup!!! Ps. Iba tong SPICY BULALO, nakakamatay sa sarap! New fave.
Alex Gonzaga  - Ganun ka-sak nakalimutankona instagram @cathygonzaga
View Picture#nakalimutankonaGanun ka-sakit kasi naging ganun ka-saya..... #NakalimutanKoNa sept 19 na.
Alex Gonzaga  - In-n-out, am instagram @cathygonzaga
View PictureIn-n-out, am i in-n-out? Am i in-n-out?? Uy, kinanta nya..
Alex Gonzaga  - Queen Elsa, twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureQueen Elsa, Olaf and Anna ❤️
Alex Gonzaga  - Sige na nga uwianna globeathome instagram @cathygonzaga
View Picture#uwianna #globeathomeSige na nga eto na, try ko na mag-kdrama! Bigay kayo ng suggestions gusto ko yung kikiligin ako ah! #UwianNa may FREE INTERNET na ang #GlobeAtHome Prepaid Wifi pang kdrama sa Viu, load lang ng HomeSurf15! 💙
Alex Gonzaga abscbball2018 twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View Picture#abscbball2018#ABSCBBall2018
Alex Gonzaga  - Netizens, in twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureNetizens, in less than 10months we did it!! thank you!!!! ❤️
Alex Gonzaga  - Goodmorning! ebloggersball2018 twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View Picture#ebloggersball2018Goodmorning!!! Netizens, we won last night!!! Thank you for your finger tips and emails. ❤️😂 #EbloggersBall2018
Alex Gonzaga  - Finally, our twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureFinally, our GOLD BUTTON!!!! Love you netizens!!
Alex Gonzaga  - Sorry but th 1 twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View Picture#1Sorry but this is my first time.......... we are #1 trending!!!! Kilig ako!!! Yahoooo!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Alex Gonzaga  - Sorry for fl twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureSorry for flooding your instagram feed but my pictures are irresistable to not post 🙈
Alex Gonzaga  - Taiwan ko sa twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureTaiwan ko sayo!!!! 😂
Alex Gonzaga  - for Metrodot sissums twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View Picture#sissums#Sissums for MetrodotStyle!!! Mga gandang nailuwal ni Pinty 😂
Alex Gonzaga  - Wow!! Graded nakalimutankona instagram @cathygonzaga
View Picture#nakalimutankonaWow!! Graded B means BERI GOOD for a first timer!! Congrats fifi!!! Swipe to watch in the cinemas near you!!! #NakalimutanKoNa
Alex Gonzaga  - Madalas nag- twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureMadalas nag-aasaran, minsan tanga na lang talaga 😂😂
Alex Gonzaga  - We are the T twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureWe are the TARO girl, TAROntadaaaa!!!! 😂😂😂
Alex Gonzaga  - Cali girls! twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureCali girls!
Alex Gonzaga  - When your bo twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureWhen your boyfriend is already annoyed in taking pictures.... just keep on taking pictures! Paki ko!! 😑
Alex Gonzaga  - Halloooo fro twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureHalloooo from Vegas!!!! Sana may unggoy unggoyan na laro dito sa cards. Yun lang alam e.
Alex Gonzaga  - Sharing my s twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureSharing my salbakuta look to all of you here in Red rock canyon!! Mabuhay mga bato!!
Alex Gonzaga  - Kaya mo?? Ak twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureKaya mo?? Ako kinakaya ko lang.......
Alex Gonzaga  - Nakakaproud twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureNakakaproud si Hidilyn Diaz!!!! Eto ang dapat talagang pansinin at pagdiwang na GOLD!!! Yahoooo!!!
Alex Gonzaga  - Sa mga hirap nakalimutankona twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View Picture#nakalimutankonaSa mga hirap magmove on halika na sa Sept19!!! #NakalimutanKoNa Kalimutan Ka!!!!!!
Alex Gonzaga  - Congratulati sharon40years instagram @cathygonzaga
View Picture#sharon40yearsCongratulations Ms Sharon on your 40th Anniversary concert! Youve achieved so much and yet you remain humble by being the sweetest and kindest person to your fans and supporters. That's why even after 40 years, you are still the one and only Megastar! Gumaling din pala frozen shoulder ng Mommy Pinty nung makita si Ms sharon! Biglang na-taas ang mga balikat at kamay! You will always be our inspiration! We will always celebrate you! @reallysharoncuneta #sharon40years
Alex Gonzaga  - Chillout squ twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureChillout squad. Magaganda kami lahat.
Alex Gonzaga  - Si San Cai a twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureSi San Cai and Hua Ze Lei muna kami sa MMK this saturday! Hehehehe
Alex Gonzaga  - My wannabe m twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureMy wannabe millenial pose na nagmukang pasosyal wiwi pose 😂
Alex Gonzaga  - Meet Mary An marymarryme twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View Picture#marymarrymeMeet Mary Anne on christmas day!! #MaryMarryMe
Alex Gonzaga  - We are in!!! mmff2018 twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View Picture#mmff2018We are in!!! Yayyy!! God is good!! See you in #MMFF2018 ❤️❤️❤️
Alex Gonzaga  - Hongkong-da twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureHongkong-da ganda.
Alex Gonzaga  - Yung kaya mo twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureYung kaya mo maging pilosopo sa mama mo kasi nasa malayo ka, wala siya magagawa 😂😂
Alex Gonzaga  - Goodmorning! twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View PictureGoodmorning!!! Early appointment with these two. Magulang ang pinakamagaling magpagising kaysa kape 😂
Alex Gonzaga  - Skytree towe klooktravel norules twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View Picture#klooktravel #norulesSkytree tower glass floor!!! #Klooktravel #NoRules
Alex Gonzaga  - 2 more days. nakalimutankona twitter @Mscathygonzaga
View Picture#nakalimutankona2 more days... makikita nyo na landian at katangahan nina Migs and Jazz... #NakalimutanKoNa Kalimutan KA sept 19 ❤️