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Alexa Chung is a British writer, host, model, and fashion designer. She has authored the books It and it: Über Style, and has launched her eponymous fashion brand in May 2017.

Free Alexa Chung Pictures Gallery - British writer - Popular

Alexa Chung  - Fonda this l instagram @alexachung
View PictureFonda this look.
Alexa Chung  - Buongiorno y instagram @alexachung
View PictureBuongiorno y’all.
Alexa Chung  - RG <a href=" instagram @alexachung
View PictureRG @artlexachung Klimt and Miu Miu
Alexa Chung  - Thanks <a hr bof500 instagram @alexachung
View Picture#bof500Thanks @bof for including me in your #BOF500 again this year. 😎 I love business, I love fashion, and 500 happens to be my favourite number so you can imagine how thrilled I am.
Alexa Chung  - Tomorrow at instagram @alexachung
View PictureTomorrow at 11am GMT we will be experiencing our first ALEXACHUNG on schedule show at London Fashion Week for SS19. Head to @alexachungstagram to creep on the process/progress. Xxx @britishfashioncouncil
Alexa Chung  - A close up o instagram @alexachung
View PictureA close up of my armpit for you.
Alexa Chung  - Me in the ba instagram @alexachung
View PictureMe in the bath. Saul Steinberg. RG @moro_dabron
Alexa Chung  - I’m basicall instagram @alexachung
View PictureI’m basically mute in the morning but I feel like this image is misleading enough that I might fool you into thinking I’m the kind of girl who trots around making coffee in a borrowed shirt and a grin at the start of my day, as opposed to glasses and a bed mullet. Ps. This shirt isn’t borrowed, it’s by @alexachungstagram where we make clothes to support whichever reality you’re trying not to fake. 😀 Thank you @shape
Alexa Chung  - Thumbsucker. instagram @alexachung
View PictureThumbsucker. You can take the girl out of England...
Alexa Chung  - Once more wi instagram @alexachung
View PictureOnce more with feeling. Thanks @shape 📷 @alexeihay
Alexa Chung  - And as ever instagram @alexachung
View PictureAnd as ever so immensely proud of all of the team at @alexachungstagram who put in countless hours of their time to create a wonderful collection. Chronically grateful for the incredible people who helped us on our journey @cathykasterine @mybeautifulcity @angusctmunro at @amcasting @alexbrownsell @_georginagraham @suqqu_uk_official @imarninails @byredo @pacifictotecompany @janesellisford THANK YOU ❤️
Alexa Chung  - Italy rocks. instagram @alexachung
View PictureItaly rocks.
Alexa Chung  - See you in t instagram @alexachung
View PictureSee you in the morning! @alexachungstagram 11am GMT. X
Alexa Chung  - Bratish gals instagram @alexachung
View PictureBratish gals. @britishgirls_magazine
Alexa Chung  - Yo <a href=" instagram @alexachung
View PictureYo @funkyoffishnation this is is surely funky offish. @christopherkane to the Met Gala a while back. ❤️
Alexa Chung  - Waiting for intimissimishow spon instagram @alexachung
View Picture#intimissimishow #sponWaiting for you in fair Verona, where we lay our scene. @intimissimiofficial #intimissimishow #spon
Alexa Chung  - Nighty night intimissimishow spon instagram @alexachung
View Picture#intimissimishow #sponNighty night! Thanks for having me @intimissimiofficial #intimissimishow #spon
Alexa Chung  - Dreamy. RG < instagram @alexachung
View PictureDreamy. RG @moro_dabron
Alexa Chung  - Bye, Sicily. instagram @alexachung
View PictureBye, Sicily. Hello London Fashion Week. ❤️
Alexa Chung  - Our show tit alexachungss19 amexplatinum instagram @alexachung
View Picture#alexachungss19 #amexplatinumOur #ALEXACHUNGSS19 show titled ‘ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES’ just landed as part of London Fashion Week. Huge thanks to @americanexpress and we are ready to boogie at the afterparty tonight at the #amexplatinum house 🎉 @alexachungstagram
Alexa Chung  - ❤️ <a href=" instagram @alexachung
View Picture❤️ @erdem
Alexa Chung  - Got through instagram
View PictureGot through Monday
Alexa Chung  - I think this instagram
View PictureI think this would make a lovely postcard.
Alexa Chung  - Giving it th instagram
View PictureGiving it the big one in Dresden.
Alexa Chung  - Happy fashio stillgoing jetlag cray fauxfur instagram
View Picture#stillgoing #jetlag #cray #fauxfurHappy fashion week y’all. Time to match your outerwear to construction. Appetite for construction. #stillgoing #jetlag #cray #fauxfur
Alexa Chung  - I really lik instagram
View PictureI really liked my silver eyeshadow today, fanks @gregoris__ ❤️ I used a really hefty filter on selfie number 3008975437 and I’m thrilled with it.
Alexa Chung  - I want to ho instagram
View PictureI want to host the fireplace channel. 📸 @tennesseebunny
Alexa Chung  - Bunny <a hre instagram
View PictureBunny @tennesseebunny
Alexa Chung  - When in Rome instagram
View PictureWhen in Rome.
Alexa Chung  - Fried eggs instagram
View PictureFried eggs
Alexa Chung  - RG 📸 <a hre instagram
View PictureRG 📸 @guylowndes
Alexa Chung  - My new offic instagram
View PictureMy new office assistant is a real bitch. @alexachungstagram
Alexa Chung  - French day � instagram
View PictureFrench day 📸 Yuan Gui Mei
Alexa Chung  - My 100% vibe instagram
View PictureMy 100% vibe today. 📸 @kevintachman
Alexa Chung  - RG <a href=" instagram
View PictureRG @photoshe_ 👅
Alexa Chung  - On my way to erdemxhm spon instagram
View Picture#erdemxhm #sponOn my way to see your show @erdem Thank you @gregoryrussellhair and @tamah_krinsky ❤ you! #ERDEMXHM #spon @HM
Alexa Chung  - Peace out, N executiveparty instagram
View Picture#executivepartyPeace out, NY. Soz for the pout, my outfit made me do it. Bye sweet lobby mirror. #executiveparty
Alexa Chung  - THANK YOU to instagram
View PictureTHANK YOU to all at @alexachungstagram team for this dress for the British Fashion Awards tonight. And special thank you to Bella for being a magician. Xxxxx
Alexa Chung  - 👁 <a href=" met2017 instagram
View Picture#met2017👁 @georgenorthwood @cdaymakeup thank you! ❤ #Met2017
Alexa Chung  - A shrinking instagram
View PictureA shrinking violet. 📸 @tennesseebunny
Alexa Chung  - I'm IN. PLEA instagram
View PictureI'm IN. PLEASE remember to use your voice and VOTE.
Alexa Chung  - Empire State instagram
View PictureEmpire State of mind