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Katherine Litwack (born June 13, 1986), known professionally as Kat Dennings, is an American actress. After making her acting debut in an episode of the HBO dramedy series Sex and the City, Dennings has since appeared in films including The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), Big Momma's House 2 (2006), Charlie Bartlett (2007), The House Bunny (2008), Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008), Defendor (2009), Thor (2011) and Thor: The Dark World (2013). From 2011 to 2017, she starred alongside Beth Behrs in the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls.

Free Kat Dennings Pictures Gallery - American actress - Popular

Kat Dennings  - proud to ann instagram @katdenningsss
View Pictureproud to announce my summer pigtails/general ennui
Kat Dennings  - bethbehrs ju instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture@bethbehrs just reminded me of how much we both love Italy/pasta/wine/coffee/my Ron Burgundy impression
Kat Dennings  - It’s nice to instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureIt’s nice to look back on shoots like these from my phantom of the opera-style cave of snacks. Thanks @warwicksaint for being a maestro 📷
Kat Dennings  - 😭💝 instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture😭💝
Kat Dennings  - Baby BehrKat instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureBaby BehrKat I found in a box
Kat Dennings  - There was a fbf instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#fbfThere was a time when I never left my cave without Satin Taupe on the top AND bottom lids #fbf
Kat Dennings  - Happy earth instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureHappy earth day plz don’t photoshop this you animals
Kat Dennings  - The House Bu lewks instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#lewksThe House Bunny is 10 years old, unlike my #LEWKS which are ageless
Kat Dennings  - PROGRESS UPD onebottleawayfrom miraclewater skiipartner instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#onebottleawayfrom #miraclewater #skiipartnerPROGRESS UPDATE: I’ve seen such a difference in my skin since starting my #OneBottleAwayFrom journey with @SKII! I’ve been filming in the blazing hot sun, cold offices and everything in between, yet my skin is noticeably more smooth and radiant. I would lie in a bathtub full of #MiracleWater all weekend if I could…but that would be insane, and I need it for my face. #skiipartner
Kat Dennings  - I DID IT! My onebottleawayfrom bareface miraclewater skiipartner instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#onebottleawayfrom #bareface #miraclewater #skiipartnerI DID IT! My #OneBottleAwayFrom journey to glowing skin with @skii’s Facial Treatment Essence is complete! I feel so ready for my next project and all of the merciless HD closeups it is sure to bring. Additionally, I am sure to enchant everyone at the yarn store with my #bareface confidence. Thank you, #MiracleWater! #skiipartner
Kat Dennings  - Taking our l instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureTaking our love offline @olivia_charmaine ❤️ EDIT: you guys! We’re not a couple. But we are a COUPLE OF CUTIES
Kat Dennings  - needs this r oldheadshotday powershoulders smize babyswag instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#oldheadshotday #powershoulders #smize #babyswag#oldheadshotday needs this repost #powershoulders #smize #babyswag
Kat Dennings  - SHE LUVS BUK tbt casual instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#tbt #casualSHE LUVS BUKZ #tbt #casual
Kat Dennings  - This is the instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureThis is the best day of my life
Kat Dennings  - 💝 nationalpetday adoptdontshop instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#nationalpetday #adoptdontshop#nationalpetday #adoptdontshop 💝
Kat Dennings  - Head sleeves instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureHead sleeves are great for all occasions!
Kat Dennings  - When someone instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureWhen someone loves you so much they come all the way from New York to give you edible Tiny Glasses™️
Kat Dennings  - Happy Birthd instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureHappy Birthday to the coolest guy I know. Me.
Kat Dennings  - IMPORTANT AL instagram @katdenningsss
Kat Dennings  - Aunt Dorothy instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureAunt Dorothy was my date to The House Bunny premiere and after party at the Playboy Mansion. She werked that party like a pro. I was traumatized by the grotto/zoo. Please someone go get those animals. Anyway. I miss her.
Kat Dennings  - Oh don’t wor friendsgivingthemovie instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#friendsgivingthemovieOh don’t worry about me I’m just making a movie with a literal angel @janeseymour #FriendsgivingTheMovie
Kat Dennings  - my grandpare instagram @katdenningsss
View Picturemy grandparents were ultimate babetown
Kat Dennings  - Tiny lil ang instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureTiny lil angel @angelakinsey
Kat Dennings  - A very spesh saintpatricksday 2o instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#saintpatricksday #2oA very spesh #saintpatricksday throwback 🍀 #2O’BrokeGirls
Kat Dennings  - Not cold/dyi instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureNot cold/dying
Kat Dennings  - Happy Birthd instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureHappy Birthday to my eternal favorite @maayan.zilberman, a creative genius who always makes me feel like a kid in a candy store 🍬 I love you magical lady ✨
Kat Dennings  - Reunited wit instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureReunited with @hairror_horrorist who did my hair and makeup on Suburban Gothic 🌶
Kat Dennings  - New phone wh instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureNew phone who dis
Kat Dennings  - Working with instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureWorking with some incredible people 😍
Kat Dennings  - Bridesmaids! instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureBridesmaids! 💍💝 Showering @bethbehrs with all our love today
Kat Dennings  - tofurkeys friendsgivingthemovie instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#friendsgivingthemovietofurkeys #FriendsgivingTheMovie
Kat Dennings  - Major for wi tbt nationalpuppyday instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#tbt #nationalpuppydayMajor #tbt for #nationalpuppyday with tiny baby Harper
Kat Dennings  - Be the sandw instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureBe the sandwich you want to see in the world
Kat Dennings  - More angel f friendsgivingthemovie instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#friendsgivingthemovieMore angel faces from my dreams #FriendsgivingTheMovie
Kat Dennings  - Siblings in nationalsiblingday instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#nationalsiblingdaySiblings in the Abyss #nationalsiblingday
Kat Dennings  - It’s not Tha friendsgivingthemovie instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#friendsgivingthemovieIt’s not Thanksgiving without a LITTLE SWEET POTATO #FriendsgivingTheMovie
Kat Dennings  - I CAN’T EVEN instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureI CAN’T EVEN
Kat Dennings  - Having a chi instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureHaving a child seems like the craziest thing in the world, and I have so much respect/fear for moms everywhere. My mom is my favorite, though. Here she is with me and my brother at the potato stages. Happy Mother’s Day 💝
Kat Dennings  - Missing thes instagram @katdenningsss
View PictureMissing these faces and also @realelizabethho @nicolebyer @thejustinnoble @timothygranaderos @kaplanaaron and Derek Richardson who doesn’t know what Instagram is
Kat Dennings  - Strega Nona vibe instagram @katdenningsss
View Picture#vibeStrega Nona is my lifelong #vibe