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Malaika Firth

British-Kenyan model

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Malaika Firth is a Kenyan-born British model. She started modeling under Premier Model Management, aged 17, after she watched 'The Model Agency', a documentary about the Premier agency, on Channel 4.

Free Malaika Firth Pictures Gallery - British-Kenyan model - Popular

Malaika Firth  - With my hors normanjeanroy instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture#normanjeanroyWith my horses shot by #NormanJeanRoy for Porter••
Malaika Firth  - Love the cat instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureLove the cat eye for @prada ...done by the amazing @patmcgrathreal and her team❤️
Malaika Firth  - sheamoisture instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture@sheamoisture Loving my curls so soft and so defined! It does what it says on the bottle for sure. @premiermodels @allshadescovered Loving my Gifts ❤️
Malaika Firth  - StreetStyle instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureStreetStyle Wednesday👋👽 # PhotoCredit By @keithemorrison @Zara_worldwide Jumper @diesel bag
Malaika Firth  - All snuggled instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureAll snuggled up in my customized Burberry scarf, chankuuu @burberry 😘❤️
Malaika Firth  - Backstage <a instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureBackstage @fendi_official with Karl Lagerfeld.
Malaika Firth  - marcjacobs instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture@marcjacobs
Malaika Firth  - Check me and fun lovemyjob instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture#fun #lovemyjobCheck me and the other girls out on @garage_magazine #Fun #LoveMyJob @newyorkmodels
Malaika Firth  - Only needed instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureOnly needed an hour to do my hair and makeup...ready for the @prada event💃 @premiermodels @nataliamcdonald
Malaika Firth  - The only way mag instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture#magThe only way is @burberry..if you want that glow. Makeup done by the incredibly talented @wendyrowe @glamouruk #Mag @thelionsny @premiermodels
Malaika Firth  - At the agenc instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureAt the agency @premiermodels @adidasuk @adidasoriginals
Malaika Firth  - With the Ver crazyselfieeeee instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture#crazyselfieeeeeWith the Versace Gang! @vale_rolloverbeethoven_it @lynseyalex @kirilvasilev #crazySelfieeeee
Malaika Firth  - Love my <a h summmmmeeeeerrrrrrrr instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture#summmmmeeeeerrrrrrrrLove my @louisvuitton purse...2 years and still in good shape👌👐 #Summmmmeeeeerrrrrrrr😜🔥🔥
Malaika Firth  - God is good! instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureGod is good! All the time ...I’m so excited to share with you all @bobbibrown campaign has come out! Thankyou you all @bobbibrown for using me as one of your models it’s a dream come true and thankyou @cmeshesh for the giftings I be applying them all day everyday hehe!👌🏽🤗
Malaika Firth  - Serve servee instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureServe serveeeeee🌿🍃🌼🔥
Malaika Firth  - Love my <a h instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureLove my @hm bikini😍
Malaika Firth  - Till I die. instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureTill I die.
Malaika Firth  - SweetDreams instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureSweetDreams Dubai💜 @hm
Malaika Firth  - With the bea instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureWith the beautiful @taylor_hill ⭐ thankyou️ @versace_official for having me in your show
Malaika Firth  - Pink nails i instagram @malaikafirth
View PicturePink nails it is @ofatworld
Malaika Firth  - Worked with instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureWorked with the talented and beautiful @wendyrowe today💄🌸 @iphone
Malaika Firth  - topshop Back instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture@topshop Backstage..the picture says it all. 😜
Malaika Firth  - On my way to instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureOn my way to shoot an exciting project for @action2015 today! Stay tuned...
Malaika Firth  - Elle US Octo instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureElle US October 2014 Photographer: Thomas Whiteside Stylist: Joe Zee Hair: Dennis Decoy for Ion Studio NYC Make-up: Karan Franjola at Management + Artists
Malaika Firth  - Loved my loo instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureLoved my look for @moschino 💛Was a pleasure walking in your show 😉
Malaika Firth  - ‘’Your not l instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture‘’Your not like anyone I’ve ever known, You fascinate me.’’ @harpersbazaarus
Malaika Firth  - Summertime < instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureSummertime @adidas ••PhotoCredit @malaikamama
Malaika Firth  - Angelina Jol mymodelcitizen action2015 modelcitizen premiermodels instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture#mymodelcitizen #action2015 #modelcitizen #premiermodelsAngelina Jolie is #MyModelCitizen for her ongoing humanitarian and charitable work. She’s brave, selfless and dedicated, and a real inspiration to me. I’m supporting #action2015 because we can all do our bit to change the world we live in for the better. #MyModelCitizen is, to support @action_2015 and celebrate how they’ve made the world a better place! Now I nominate @ty3kingz and @billiebrown to tell the world who your #modelcitizen is. @premiermodels #premiermodels
Malaika Firth  - 🙏🏼☺️ <a hr instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture🙏🏼☺️ @topshop
Malaika Firth  - Getting read instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureGetting ready..😁
Malaika Firth  - MichaelKors calicool instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture#calicool@MichaelKors #CaliCool
Malaika Firth  - Love this. S instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureLove this..Shot by Ben Toms 🎀
Malaika Firth  - Thankyou JOH instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureThankyou JOHN GALLIANO, loved my outfit💃🏻
Malaika Firth  - Thankyou <a instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureThankyou @topshop Loved walking in your show once again! 💛💛
Malaika Firth  - Thankyou <a instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureThankyou @topshop for having me in your show⭐️❤️
Malaika Firth  - love you <a christopherbailey ecomdays instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture#christopherbailey #ecomdayslove you @burberry Finally got to open their show after 3years with them! Thankful! #ChristopherBailey #EcomDays
Malaika Firth  - What time is instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureWhat time is it?! it's Fendi Time! @fendi_official 😉
Malaika Firth  - Yesterday be instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureYesterday before the BAMcinemaFest
Malaika Firth  - MichaelKors calicool instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture#calicool@MichaelKors #CaliCool.
Malaika Firth  - Hello Summer instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureHello Summer 2018 ☀️
Malaika Firth  - Had a lovely instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureHad a lovely evening at the @burberry Festive film premiere 💫
Malaika Firth  - If only I co instagram @malaikafirth
View PictureIf only I could wake up in @cushnieetochs and go to bed in it! Love the collection 😻 @marilynagencyny
Malaika Firth  - Today I want watchhungerstop instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture#watchhungerstopToday I want to WATCH HUNGER STOP @premiermodels @michaelkors #watchhungerstop 🙌🏼
Malaika Firth  - 💫💫💫 <a hr britishfashionawards instagram @malaikafirth
View Picture#britishfashionawards💫💫💫 @mariacomparettomua @premiermodels #BritishFashionAwards
Malaika Firth  - Photographed instagram @malaikafirth
View PicturePhotographed @normanjeanroy ....why does love have to be painful sometimes Sometimes opening your heart can hurt so much ,but yet you don't want to close it either that makes you cold and no one wants to be cold. - @malaikafirth