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Mia Khalifa

American-Lebanese webcam model

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Mia Khalifa, also known as Mia Callista, is a Lebanese-born American social media personality and webcam model, best known for her career as a pornographic actress from 2014 to 2015. Born in Beirut, Khalifa moved to the United States in 2000

Free Mia Khalifa Pictures Gallery - American-Lebanese webcam model - Popular

Mia Khalifa  - And here you instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureAnd here you see a breeze working in my favor while simultaneously working against me all in one photo 🌬
Mia Khalifa  - Bitches be l thirstwhispering instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#thirstwhisperingBitches be like “omg my hair is so long” 😂 link in my bio for the full Patreon gallery! This poster is exclusively available for customization and personalization on my Patreon!! Click that bio link!!!!! #ThirstWhispering 😂😜. . Phenomenal photography by @blaisejoseph_
Mia Khalifa  - Here goes my transformationtuesday instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#transformationtuesdayHere goes my #transformationtuesday: Life is about balance. For me, it’s balancing my passion and love for food with my health. People ask me all the time how I eat so much and stay skinny - IT HASN’T ALWAYS BEEN THAY WAY AND IT TAKES A SHIT TON OF FUCKING WORK. It’s not “good genes,” or a “young metabolism.” It’s 5 days grinding in the gym every fucking week so I can go on a guilt free culinary excursion every few months and be able to drown my protein in a creamy morel sauce without looking like an offensive tackle for the Washington Redskins. Anyways, the point is, work hard, eat carbs.
Mia Khalifa  - Link. In. Bi instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureLink. In. Bio. Signed and personalized posters, wardrobe from the shoot, and access to all of the incredible galleries! . . Photography: @kvnchoy Hair and Makeup: @texasdelarosa Sweat: Myself
Mia Khalifa  - When he cook haveaseatbabe instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#haveaseatbabeWhen he cooks, is loyal, and supports the Capitals to make you happy... 👱🏽‍♀️ #haveaseatbabe. 😂😂 . Link in my bio for the full gallery! Added even more options from this one to be purchased as posters! Signed and personalized options available ♥️ 📸: @blaisejoseph_
Mia Khalifa  - Getting my t randomlyselected instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#randomlyselectedGetting my tan on because TSA doesn’t give me enough trouble at security. #RandomlySelected
Mia Khalifa  - I think the instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureI think the appropriate phrasing here is “Florida State is going Love - 12 this season.” . . Link in my bio to join my Patreon for this signed poster, access to the full gallery and all previous galleries, and signed wardrobe and props from the shoots! . . Photography: @kvnchoy Hair & Makeup: @texasdelarosa
Mia Khalifa  - Food on my m instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureFood on my mind. No, seriously, I think this was shot right when @blaisejoseph_ said “let’s get Sugarfish after this” 😂🍣 (link in my bio for more Patreon galleries)!
Mia Khalifa  - I’m not serv instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureI’m not serving sass, I’m just trying to keep sweat from getting into my eyes. This months’ Patreon gallery was one of the most fun non-food ones to shoot! (My favorite part is usually eating the props, so this is saying a lot). Link in my bio for more access, personalized and signed posters, Patreon only Instagram account, and special items from each photoshoot! . . . Photography: @kvnchoy Hair/Makeup: @texasdelarosa
Mia Khalifa  - Curse. Broke allcaps nopens crosbyalilbitch instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#allcaps #nopens #crosbyalilbitchCurse. Broken. WERE GOING TO THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS!!! #ALLCAPS #NOPENS #CROSBYALILBITCH (shot by @blaisejoseph_. Link in my bio for full gallery!)
Mia Khalifa  - I almost dro icantswim bts instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#icantswim #btsI almost drowned for this photoshoot. Twice. Link in my bio to join for the full gallery & signed posters! ♥️ #icantswim #BTS (makeup by @texasdelarosa)
Mia Khalifa  - This month’s instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureThis month’s Patreon poster!!! Link in my bio to join and get yours, I’ll be signing and personalizing them to send out in 7 days, so it’s not too late to get yours. . . Photography: @kvnchoy Hair/Makeup: @texasdelarosa
Mia Khalifa  - thejennaleex instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture@thejennaleexx gets my best angles even after I had two entrees for lunch
Mia Khalifa  - It has been instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureIt has been a complete dream to stay at the @wcitycenter! Can’t believe that there is an arcade in my room, but my favorite feature was the bathtub big enough to eat a burger in - and a TV to watch ESPN on on the wall from the tub. What’s the law for squatters rights in Illinois? Because y’all are gonna have to drag my dead body out of this room 😂💕 follow @wcitycenter for more!
Mia Khalifa  - Every girl o tbt instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#tbtEvery girl on the inside when she tells a guy “I’m not one of the crazy ones” 😇🔪 #TBT to behind the scenes of my incredible shoot at @la_barbecue! (Link in my bio for the full gallery!!)
Mia Khalifa  - Buenoooooos instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureBuenoooooos diaaaaaaas
Mia Khalifa  - No makeup, n workhardeatcarbs glutenismyhomeboy instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#workhardeatcarbs #glutenismyhomeboyNo makeup, no filter, no fucks given. I feel sexiest when I’m drenched after an insane workout knowing I can eat all the guilt-free carbs for the rest of the day!! Extra rice tonight, please, @otokoaustin 😂♥️ #WorkHardEatCarbs #GlutenIsMyHomeboy
Mia Khalifa  - I had the pl instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureI had the pleasure (I forced them) of being on a very special episode of Always Open! Lucky number 69. We talked the L word, funny sexual encounters, and Tyler Coe made me cry. YouTube link is in my bio, check it out!!
Mia Khalifa  - This month’s instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureThis month’s Patreon poster! 💦 Link in my bio for customized signed copies! ♥️ . . Photography: @kvnchoy Hair/Makeup: @texasdelarosa (This shot was AFTER @texasdelarosa jumped into the pool fully dressed to save me from drowning after I got tangled on the dress. Plus I can’t swim LOL)
Mia Khalifa  - Find someone hesacatch throwbackwednesday instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#hesacatch #throwbackwednesdayFind someone that looks at you the way @robertsandberg looks at me after I’ve forced him to take our 1,264th selfie of the night. With patience and love, but a slight gleam in the eye begging me to get in the fucking car 😂♥️ Thank you for putting up with me, min älskling ♥️🎣 #HesACatch #ThrowbackWednesday
Mia Khalifa nomakeup instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#nomakeup#NoMakeup
Mia Khalifa  - If anything instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureIf anything is worth being outside in this 110° heat, it’s for sure @la_barbecue
Mia Khalifa  - This month’s instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureThis month’s poster for my members. Link in my bio to join ♥️ this shoot was meaningful to me in so many ways, and I’m happy to share it with all of you. For a while it was meant just for me, but something this special shouldn’t be kept buried in a closet. (shot by the incomparable @blaisejoseph_)
Mia Khalifa  - This months instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureThis months Patreon poster that my members voted on!! Shot by the wildly talented @atwes 😍 (follow him for more from this shoot!) click the link in my bio to become a member, I’m signing every single one to be mailed out ASAP next week!! @miakpatreon
Mia Khalifa  - Got heavy wh lactoseintolerancenottolerated instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#lactoseintolerancenottoleratedGot heavy whipping cream because the viscosity is more conducive for photography than milk? 🥛 thanks for sharing this, @kvnchoy. Whole gallery is now live on my Patreon! Link in bio, and follow @kvnchoy for more sneak peeks! #LactoseIntoleranceNotTolerated
Mia Khalifa  - Beam me up, laonmymind stillhatethatcitytho lakerssuck instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#laonmymind #stillhatethatcitytho #lakerssuckBeam me up, Scotty 🛸 LINK IN MY BIO for this incredibly raw photoshoot I did with @blaisejoseph_ a few months ago. Hiking the side of a mountain, no makeup, didn’t even brush my hair that day. I wish I could say this was an impromptu shoot, but that’s just how late I woke up for my call time that day 😂 Posters that can be personalized are available in my Patreon shop! #LAonMyMind #StillHateThatCityTho #LakersSuck
Mia Khalifa  - What’s more 4thofjuly instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#4thofjulyWhat’s more American than Texas BBQ being sexualized by a Lebanese immigrant? Link in my bio for the full gallery and customized signed posters!! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go check and see what time @la_barbecue opens because anytime I look at these pics I’m suddenly struck with a craving for brisket and potato buns. #4thofjuly . . Photography: @leannmueller1 Location: @la_barbecue Hair: @hairbysavannahrice Makeup: @selmamua
Mia Khalifa  - Only one per instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureOnly one person in the world can get this cheesy smile out of me 😆😄 @robertsandberg my happiness ♥️
Mia Khalifa  - Since all my instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureSince all my friends in DC are getting hit with a blizzard right now, here’s a photo of me soaking up some sun from December in LA 😂 Shot by god himself, @blaisejoseph_. Kid is insane with a DSLR, but look at the magic he can make happen with an iPhone!
Mia Khalifa  - How I look a instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureHow I look at my waiter when I see him bringing my food (link in my bio for this gallery) (📸: @blaisejoseph_)
Mia Khalifa  - I stole bris instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureI stole brisket and hid it in my purse. My first day of @hotluckfest was such a success, I got to eat @franklinbbq and only waited 15 minutes in line, AND there was charcuterie lining the perimeter of the restaurant to snack on til you reached the front 😂😍 can’t wait for the rest of the festivities this weekend... specifically @yokaiberry of @otokoaustin, @kevinfinkatx of @emmerandrye, and @atthediegoshow (who’s my little food fest fairy godfather) of @mixtlicloud ♥️
Mia Khalifa  - THESE PICTUR instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureTHESE PICTURES ARE 4 DAYS APART!!! Y’all, I regret NOTHING about the first photo. I ate ricotta & truffle stuffed chicharrones and brown butter popcorn in bed at 1 AM with my boyfriend knowing damn well the amount of work I’d have to put in later on. I said yes to more pita bread, and honey butter biscuits and Lardo on Lardo on Lardo, I had two lunches back to back in Montreal. I lived and I ate and I loved every second and every bite of it. Don’t order a fucking salad when you really want the burger. Sometimes I call this merry-go-round I’m on with my weight a vicious cycle, but really this is the epitome of balance. I’m no where near my May/June weight and body fat percentage (16% - 19% now), but this is progress!!! 15lbs gained, 4lbs already lost. Patience and hard work is allllll it takes ♥️ thanks to my trainer @kellygeefit for her constant support!
Mia Khalifa  - This is what instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureThis is what happens when the restaurant is upscale, but the weather is downpour ☔️
Mia Khalifa  - Hello, Montr instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureHello, Montreal! Feed me!!! 😍🍑🥐🧀🥩
Mia Khalifa  - Whole new me nationalpizzaday fbf instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#nationalpizzaday #fbfWhole new meaning to pepperoni nipples. Happy #nationalpizzaday #FBF
Mia Khalifa  - When <a href instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureWhen @robertsandberg takes more than 3 seconds to text me back 🔨. . This is ONE of this months Patreon posters!! I’ll reveal the next one when they’re all printed, they’ll be sent at random to y’all! You can sign up to get a signed poster in the link in my bio!. . Photography: @kvnchoy HMU: @lauraekmakeup Video: @holoceneatx Set assistant: @nicole_red_renee, @kattykatdawgg
Mia Khalifa  - jordyn_ryder realfriends doitforthegram instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#realfriends #doitforthegram@jordyn_ryder got out of the car barefoot on the side of the road to take this picture for me #RealFriends #DoItForTheGram
Mia Khalifa  - (LINK IN MY instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture(LINK IN MY BIO FOR FULL GALLERY) This is the look of satisfaction only @la_barbecue can leave on my face. Dreams really do come true when the best bbq joint this side of the Mississippi let’s you do a photo shoot in their pits - and let’s you eat the props (notice the meat BARELY staying on the bone... that’s how juicy La Barbs is)😆😍 thank you, @leannmueller1 for making me feel like a real Texas BBQ Queen!! . . . Photography: @leannmueller1 Makeup: @selmamua Hair: @hairbysavannahrice Location: @la_barbecue Assistants: @thejennaleexx & @jordyn_ryder 😂
Mia Khalifa  - The best thi bts instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#btsThe best things in the world: Swedish candy, Swedish men, Swedish hockey. Good luck against Russia today, boys @trekronorse!! Link in my bio for this whole Patreon gallery (and signed posters, private Instagram account, monthly live streams, and moreeee!!) give the incredible photographer @kvnchoy a follow if y’all wanna see unreleased pics or some #bts from this shoot!
Mia Khalifa  - to 30 minute tbt olderandwiser instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#tbt #olderandwiser#tbt to 30 minutes ago. I was so young, man have I changed... #OlderAndWiser
Mia Khalifa  - For the firs firedurkin fireurban cleansecollegefootball instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#firedurkin #fireurban #cleansecollegefootballFor the first time in my life, I am utterly ashamed to be from Maryland. See why on the new episode of Sportsball in my bio, go check it out ♥️ #FireDurkin #FireUrban #CleanseCollegeFootball
Mia Khalifa  - My hair is m tbt beatthecavs instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#tbt #beatthecavsMy hair is messy because I’m always stressed out by the Wizards #tbt #BeatTheCavs (📸: @blaisejoseph_)
Mia Khalifa  - When you’re mondaymood instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture#mondaymoodWhen you’re living your best life vs. When you see your bank statement after living your best life #MondayMood
Mia Khalifa  - This months’ instagram @miakhalifa
View PictureThis months’ winning Patreon poster!! Link in my bio to join & get a signed copy! Loved this shoot with @flaco_creative so much, was very personal to me because it was in my kitchen, cooking, in my element. Patreon members receive access to all of these shoots, a private Instagram account, signed posters, monthly live streams, and so much more!!
Mia Khalifa  - “Ohhhhh toyb instagram @miakhalifa
View Picture“Ohhhhh toyboy- I mean, ballboy...” @thejennaleexx (link in my bio for the full gallery, signed posters, signed wardrobe and memorabilia from the shoot, and SO much more!) . . Photography: @kvnchoy Hair/Makeup: @texasdelarosa