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Sally Fitzgibbons

Australian surfer

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Sally Fitzgibbons is an Australian professional surfer on the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour. She was born in Gerroa, New South Wales, Australia.

Free Sally Fitzgibbons Pictures Gallery - Australian surfer - Popular

Sally Fitzgibbons  - Hey you out maldives allaustralianbeachbody aabbfit summerfit fitness instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#maldives #allaustralianbeachbody #aabbfit #summerfit #fitness #surfing #beach #trainlikesally #worldsurfarisHey you out there...... tag who you will bring with you, if you win a 5 day holiday with me and @allaustralianbeachbody, to the #maldives 🌞🏝🏄💪 #allaustralianbeachbody #aabbfit #summerfit #fitness #surfing #beach #trainlikesally #worldsurfaris
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Best day spe quokkaselfie rottnestisland margaretriverpro instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#quokkaselfie #rottnestisland #margaretriverproBest day spent with these little guys #quokkaselfie ✌ The beautiful #rottnestisland was epic with @stephaniegilmore @xococoho @nikkivandijk . Cheers @corsaireaviation @wsl #margaretriverpro
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Crazy batch instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureCrazy batch of fruit salad to get me psyched for the first event!!Stoked @jsindustries1 @adrian_robert_turner
Sally Fitzgibbons  - 😁😁Spot on� instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture😁😁Spot on👌 epic being tagged in on this gem today!!
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Stoked to be squadonamission breitling instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#squadonamission #breitlingStoked to be with @kellyslater and @stephaniegilmore here in South Africa on our first @Breitling Surf Squad mission. More to come later this year✌ #squadonamission #breitling
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Sunday Funda instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureSunday Fundayyy😆 Where did you get a wave today!? 🌊
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Into the sem baliprotected instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#baliprotectedInto the semis at #baliprotected @wsl @kc80 @burtsbeesaus @underarmourau @breitling @amazoniaco @bluedinosaurbars @landroveraus @jsindustries1 @fcs_surf @devikaworld
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Best feeling baliprotected instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#baliprotectedBest feeling ever😆✌Can't wait for the QuarterFinals #baliprotected @wsl
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Stokeee for instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureStokeee for long beach days✌🌞 Which beach did you love hanging today!?
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Looking forw margaretriverpro instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#margaretriverproLooking forward to more stacked lines like these later this week for the @wsl #margaretriverpro 🌊
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Off to celeb instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureOff to celebrate the year that was and the season to come @WSL awards night🙌
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Pushing my l trainlikesally aabbfit fitness athlete power instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#trainlikesally #aabbfit #fitness #athlete #power #summerfitPushing my limits... up to you to push yours👊 ---- Download the @allaustralianbeachbody app and sign up for your 7 day free trial and let's go after it together 🤙 #trainlikesally #aabbfit #fitness #athlete #power #summerfit
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Quick winter instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureQuick winter pit stop and heading back to the warmth🛫 Next stop Bali✌
Sally Fitzgibbons  - This is what ripcurlpro instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#ripcurlproThis is what I love most about my time on tour, connecting with beautiful energies all around the world, Thanks @tarnipearce 🙌 The event was short and sweet for me this year but I always take away the best memories from @wsl #ripcurlpro Bells 🔔 Pay forward some of your love and energies to someone in your community this Easter, it is the best gift to give and receive. Happyyy Easterrrr to you🐰
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Super stoked usopenofsurfing sallyselfie89 instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#usopenofsurfing #sallyselfie89Super stoked to be lining up up in an All Star field again for the @wsl #usopenofsurfing this week. The #sallyselfie89 Contest is live now to win my signed Jersey from the event Download my free "Sally's World" App from the Apple App store and use the Sally selfie feature. (Simply take a photo anywhere and using the feature add one of my stoked face pics into your shot with a caption) Get creative and tag #sallyselfie89 to win, yew 📸: @ml_image
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Stoked✌🌴🌊� instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureStoked✌🌴🌊📷: @sachaspex
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Off the plan balipro instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#baliproOff the plane and whipping into a couple out front... Stoked to be here for the upcoming #balipro ✌
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Maldives Dre instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureMaldives Dreaming... Sooo excited to be taking competition Winner Valentina @voulen on an epic trip to @hudhuranfushiresort Woohoo🙌🙌 @worldsurfaris @allaustralianbeachbody
Sally Fitzgibbons  - That Sunrise bells ripcurlpro instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#bells #ripcurlproThat Sunrise moment at #bells is such a beauty😍 #ripcurlpro @wsl
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Wallace❤🐶 W instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureWallace❤🐶 Welcome to the fam you ball of cuteness!!
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Back to back superbiteplus instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#superbiteplusBack to back training sessions made easy when you have the best fuel👌#SuperBitePlus @bluedinosaurbars
Sally Fitzgibbons  - That moment instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureThat moment when you smell fresh air and feel salt spray from the ocean on your skin after a longgg day of travel🌊👌
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Thanks for t cheersmick instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#cheersmickThanks for the memories, the Inspiration, the Belief, the Hope, The Fight, the warmth, the love in your surfing and love for riding waves. Thanks for being you Mick @mfanno You will always be a Champion person , surfer and hero of mine, Have a ball in your next chapter... going to miss going for the early around events with you🙌 #cheersmick ✌
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Fresh batch lettucerunnn socornfused bells instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#lettucerunnn #socornfused #bellsFresh batch from the patch #lettucerunnn and #socornfused 🌽🥗😂 Ready to rock and roll for #bells, Cheers @jsindustries1and artist @adrian_robert_turner
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Perfecting m instagram @sally_fitz
View PicturePerfecting my new move today horizontal running woman😂👌
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Post trainin instagram @sally_fitz
View PicturePost training buzz... when you smash through a session that seems beyond your capabilities, feels so good👊 @allaustralianbeachbody
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Playin aroun summerstoked instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#summerstokedPlayin around on some ramps🙌#SummerStoked
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Salty, Sandy instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureSalty, Sandy and Stoked on a Wednesday, cant ask for much more👍
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Time to adve instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureTime to adventureee🛫🤙When you leave it always feels like the first time again because you never really know what is going to happen next... funnnn🙌
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Awesome mome baliprotected instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#baliprotectedAwesome moments and energy all week at the @wsl #baliprotected event. Thanks for the epiccc support down the beach and online, you guys were amazing🙌 Huge Congrats @lakeypeterson & @italoferreira on the big win. Cant wait to ride more waves here in Bali🌴✌
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Dreamy visio baliprotected instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#baliprotectedDreamy vision in my heat today... Stoked to be through to Rnd3 #baliprotected @wsl
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Celebrating happymothersday instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#happymothersdayCelebrating my amazing Mummzy on this special day... love our journey together : ) Sending love to all the Mum's out there for a great day🙌 #happymothersday
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Post heat at oiriopro acaibowl freezedrieda instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#oiriopro #acaibowl #freezedriedaPost heat at #oiriopro Fueling up on an @amazoniaco #acaibowl #freezedriedaçai 👌
Sally Fitzgibbons  - The ocean ma instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureThe ocean makes me feel so aliveeee🙌🌊
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Nature and n instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureNature and natural fuel @bluedinosaurbars 🌴Surf, eat, surf, eat, sleep... repeat👌
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Eying off a ripcurlpro instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#ripcurlproEying off a possible start in Rnd2 late this arvo #ripcurlpro 🔔 Stay tuned😁
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Packing up t discovery instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#discoveryPacking up the Disco and hitting the road for next adventure. Cheers Gold Coast its been epic🙌 @landroveraus #discovery
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Driving thro roxypro instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#roxyproDriving through some sections at dreamy Kirra today on my way to semifinal finish. Thanks to all the fans for an epic atmosphere to compete in🙌 @WSL #roxypro
Sally Fitzgibbons  - I Love being australiaday instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#australiadayI Love being an Aussie💛💚So Thankful for the natural beauty in this country. Happyyy #australiaday
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Beachside GC instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureBeachside GC✌🌞
Sally Fitzgibbons  - JBay perfect instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureJBay perfection... crazy @wsl surfing going down 👏 🙌
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Time to Fly instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureTime to Fly onto the next adventure... Bali you have been epiccc✌ 🛫
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Morning mome baliprotected instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#baliprotectedMorning moments out Keramas... training up for Rnd3 #baliprotected 📷: @sachaspex
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Bikes. Boats instagram @sally_fitz
View PictureBikes...Boats... Beaching in Brazil 🤙🌴
Sally Fitzgibbons  - Waxing up fo borntoeatem instagram @sally_fitz
View Picture#borntoeatemWaxing up for all day beach days in Brazil. My @bluedinosaurbars keeping the engine running👌 #borntoeatem