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Sjokz (Eefje Depoortere)

Belgian eSports Television presenter

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Eefje Depoortere, also known as Sjokz is a Belgian television presenter, reporter, esports player, and beauty pageant contestant who is currently the host of the European League of Legends Championship Series. Currently she is living in Germany.

Free Sjokz Pictures Gallery - Belgian eSports Television presenter - Popular

Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Love, peace pride instagram @eefjah
View Picture#prideLove, peace & #pride🌈 this month and forever 💜
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Enjoying a s worldcup fortnite instagram @eefjah
View Picture#worldcup #fortniteEnjoying a sunny sunday watching the #WorldCup and playing videogames (300+ #Fortnite solos and still no win 😡) what are you doing? 🦋
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Practicing m instagram @eefjah
View PicturePracticing my camouflage skills Be honest, can you see me? 🌳🌺
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Happy Belgia worldcup reddevils instagram @eefjah
View Picture#worldcup #reddevilsHappy Belgian today!! 🇧🇪🔥 Slow start but a wonderful banger by Mertens opened up the score and the game! #WorldCup #reddevils
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Haters gonna hatersgonnahate instagram @eefjah
View Picture#hatersgonnahateHaters gonna hate, potatos gonna potate ❤️🥔 Timely reminder that you are awesome and negative people aren’t worth your time. They only come for you because you’re kick-ass and they ain’t shit #hatersgonnahate
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Everyone des instagram @eefjah
View PictureEveryone deserves a flower in their lives 🌸💜
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - hey you 👀 y instagram @eefjah
View Picturehey you 👀 yeah i know I should really bring my trash/paper to recycling 🙃
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - She was a sk instagram @eefjah
View PictureShe was a skater girl she said see ya later... girl? 🤔💗
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Fantastic fi eulcs madrid instagram @eefjah
View Picture#eulcs #madridFantastic first day from Madrid! Great games and such a passionate crowd. Can’t wait for FNC vs S04 tomorrow!! #EULCS #Madrid 🇪🇸❤️
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Smiling thro summerinthecity instagram @eefjah
View Picture#summerinthecitySmiling through this insane heatwave in Berlin 🙃💦 No honestly don’t let this picture fool you I am sweating my butt off #summerinthecity
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Are you read holiday spain instagram @eefjah
View Picture#holiday #spainAre you ready for some holiday pics? 🦋☀️#holiday #spain
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Enjoying the instagram @eefjah
View PictureEnjoying the English sun 🌸☀️ Wonderful weekend with trifles, sunday roasts and the occasional pint. Happy camper!
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Another week eulcs lcs lolesports leagueoflegends instagram @eefjah
View Picture#eulcs #lcs #lolesports #leagueoflegendsAnother week of #EULCS on the books, on to the semifinals next week! Even though I started the year off second guessing myself and not being too proud of my performance, I am very happy with how this year is playing out. I love our preshow Ready Check and the postshow PGL and am glad I can show off a bit more of my personality in these segments. I invested a lot into being a balanced, professional host and am just a happy camper. I couldn’t do it without the talented team around me, on to semifinals and beyond!!! #lcs #lolesports #leagueoflegends
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Fraternizing worldcup reddevils belgium yey instagram @eefjah
View Picture#worldcup #reddevils #belgium #yeyFraternizing with the enemy @mediccasts 🇧🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Groupwinner!!!!!! Haha yes I know our draw looks INSANE now but in the end great to see Januzaj score a banger and celebrate with the team. Good luck to England! #WorldCup #RedDevils #Belgium #yey
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Lovely after berlin sunset instagram @eefjah
View Picture#berlin #sunsetLovely afternoon walk in Berlin! Shout out to my MVP, the poor soul I ask to take 100+ pictures so I have one for the gram, love you bb 🙃❤️ #berlin #sunset
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - When there’s berlin summer instagram @eefjah
View Picture#berlin #summerWhen there’s a random gothic chair in front of a grafitti wall, you just have to strike a pose 📸😎 @mediccasts knows the drill #berlin #summer
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - ‪A selfie an gaming friends stopbullying instagram @eefjah
View Picture#gaming #friends #stopbullying‪A selfie and a story of how #Gaming positively impacted my life:‬ In highschool I was heavily bullied and didn’t make friends. Through chatting with / meeting my Unreal Tournament ‘99 clanmates on IRC/TS/Lanparties I overcame a lot of social anxiety and gained confidence. I made some great friends and felt more comfortable talking to people in my daily life. In the end it helped me become the person I am today ❤️✌️‬ Also quite literally wouldn’t be here without one of my clanmates asking me to try League :)☺️ #Gaming #friends #stopbullying
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - All smiles i homesweethome belgium bruges instagram @eefjah
View Picture#homesweethome #belgium #brugesAll smiles in my hometown Bruges over the weekend! Since our team has grown it has been easier for me to take some days off to spend time with family and friends. I sometimes go 6-7 months or longer without seeing my family or friends at home, so being able to go back more has made me so much happier! 🇧🇪💘#homesweethome #belgium #bruges
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - THANK YOU MA instagram @eefjah
View PictureTHANK YOU MADRID! Muchas gracias por todo y gracias a un hombre profesional y spectacular @ibaillanos - it was an honor being on stage with you Ibai! You are truly the king of Spain! 🇪🇸❤️
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Fun on the j eulcs hosting leagueoflegends lcs instagram @eefjah
View Picture#eulcs #hosting #leagueoflegends #lcsFun on the job 🤓🎬 #EULCS #hosting #LeagueofLegends #LCS 📸 @michalkonkolfotograf
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - That’s it fo eulcs instagram @eefjah
View Picture#eulcsThat’s it for week 7 of #EULCS Summer! I love my job! Sometimes we can get stuck in the grind of the long showdays and sometimes nasty comments, but I am super proud of this week! It’s a challenge keeping things interesting every week and innovating, and I’m glad I got to show an other side of myself this week, alongside my buddy @vediusofficial 💚 📸 @michalkonkolfotograf
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Friend 1: ‘I twitter @sjokz
View PictureFriend 1: ‘I’m getting married!’ Friend 2: ‘Buying a house!’ Friend 3: ‘Baby 2 on the way!’ me:
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - I’m on holid twitter @sjokz
View PictureI’m on holiday practicing my camouflage skills Be honest can you see me? 🌺🌳
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - hey you 👀 y twitter @sjokz
View Picturehey you 👀 yes I know I should really take my trash/paper to recycling 🙃
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - She was a sk twitter @sjokz
View PictureShe was a skater girl she said see ya later... girl? 🤔💗
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - I had to edi twitter @sjokz
View PictureI had to edit about 4 mosquito bites off my butt. Glamorous instagram life 🤣☺️
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Oh damn guys twitter @sjokz
View PictureOh damn guys what should I do??
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - And then the worlds2018 twitter @sjokz
View Picture#worlds2018And then they said: VIT AND C9 HAVE NO CHANCE IN THIS GROUP :D #WORLDS2018
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - So happy for worlds2018 twitter @sjokz
View Picture#worlds2018So happy for you @RekklesLoL and the rest of @FNATIC!!!! GG!!! #WORLDS2018
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - caption dis eulcs twitter @sjokz
View Picture#eulcscaption dis #EULCS
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - With my frie lpl twitter @sjokz
View Picture#lplWith my #LPL friend @YushuangLOL 💜😬
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Also can con twitter @sjokz
View PictureAlso can confirm @TheeMarkZ is relieved
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Fraternizing twitter @sjokz
View PictureFraternizing with the enemy! JK, i love @CaptainFlowers 😁🌸
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - caption dis twitter @sjokz
View Picturecaption dis lol
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - SETTLE DOWN twitter @sjokz
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - pause over < priorities twitter @sjokz
View Picture#prioritiespause over @Deficiolol straight back to the pulled pork #priorities
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - I lowkey fin twitter @sjokz
View PictureI lowkey find it so adorable when Ovilee’s glasses slide down her nose during an interview 🤩😍
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Another week eulcs twitter @sjokz
View Picture#eulcsAnother #EULCS week on the books 🔥🤓
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - What the hel twitter @sjokz
View PictureWhat the hell is @Deficiolol giving out in the studio
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere twitter @sjokz
View Picture
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Rekkles’ fir twitter @sjokz
View PictureRekkles’ first game with @FNATIC in six weeks is coming up soon! 🎬
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - 👀😏 twitter @sjokz
View Picture👀😏
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - Why thank yo twitter @sjokz
View PictureWhy thank you laddie @Foxdroplol - if you hear me uttering some weird British phrases you know why
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - We're back i readycheck fightforfirst twitter @sjokz
View Picture#readycheck #fightforfirstWe're back in about 30 minutes with #ReadyCheck and the #FightforFirst!!!
Sjokz Eefje-depoortere  - H2-16 is rea twitter @sjokz
View PictureH2-16 is real