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Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is an American actress, singer and songwriter. She began her career appearing as a child model and backup dancer, before gaining prominence for her role as Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up.

Free Zendaya Pictures Gallery - American actress - Popular

Zendaya  - Small photo instagram @zendaya
View PictureSmall photo shoot in front of a window
Zendaya  - 1970 somethi instagram @zendaya
View Picture1970 something...
Zendaya  - Taking photo instagram @zendaya
View PictureTaking photos of yourself with the back camera can be difficult...but worth it.
Zendaya  - Glowy πŸ’‘ instagram @zendaya
View PictureGlowy πŸ’‘
Zendaya  - I wasn't eve instagram @zendaya
View PictureI wasn't even gone that long lol
Zendaya  - πŸ—‘ instagram @zendaya
View PictureπŸ—‘
Zendaya  - Wardrobe cha instagram @zendaya
View PictureWardrobe change✨
Zendaya  - 2/3 β€ͺ(fun fa instagram @zendaya
View Picture2/3 β€ͺ(fun fact: I did my own h&mu tonight, hence the lipgloss still in hand) ‬
Zendaya  - Anyone who k instagram @zendaya
View PictureAnyone who knows Noon knows he does not fuck with the pool (so proud mom moment) he got to the first step all on his own πŸ€—
Zendaya  - Yes for my w instagram @zendaya
View PictureYes for my white shirt being the perfect light bounce.
Zendaya  - Oscars 2018 instagram @zendaya
View PictureOscars 2018
Zendaya  - Picked a few zendayaeditsboohoo instagram @zendaya
View Picture#zendayaeditsboohooPicked a few of my favorite things from @boohoo spring collection and made an edit #ZendayaEditsBoohoo 🌻 (I think they're restocking this yellow set so don't be mad at me lmao)
Zendaya  - The end of a instagram @zendaya
View PictureThe end of an era. On to the next. Thank you for continuing to grow with me.πŸ’œ
Zendaya  - Keeping this instagram @zendaya
View PictureKeeping this energy as I enter my 22nd year of life.
Zendaya  - Dinner at Ti instagram @zendaya
View PictureDinner at Tiffany’s...
Zendaya  - Lookin like instagram @zendaya
View PictureLookin like a fine ass unwrapped, caramel filled Hershey’s kiss.
Zendaya  - πŸŽ†<a href="/ instagram @zendaya
View PictureπŸŽ†@boohoo @zoeygrossman @luxurylaw
Zendaya  - Dear yellow instagram @zendaya
View PictureDear yellow eyeshadow...I think we make a good pair
Zendaya  - So I went th instagram @zendaya
View PictureSo I went through my storage and found a bunch of my grandfathers old shirts...long story short expect to see a lot of cinched button up shirt dresses from me.
Zendaya  - Joan of Arc. instagram @zendaya
View PictureJoan of Arc. Very much in it at this point.
Zendaya  - I was told t instagram @zendaya
View PictureI was told to I found these gems (wind in hair vs. lipgloss)
Zendaya  - Happy Valent instagram @zendaya
View PictureHappy Valentine's Day suckas.
Zendaya  - To the best instagram @zendaya
View PictureTo the best big brother/grandmother/assistant/only person in the universe who can genuinely deal with me 24/7...happy birthday!! See you in two secondsπŸ˜‚ (all these Geminis in my life!!!)
Zendaya  - Hard to read instagram @zendaya
View PictureHard to read.
Zendaya  - 🌞 instagram @zendaya
View Picture🌞
Zendaya  - When you got instagram @zendaya
View PictureWhen you got the gym at 4, but gotta investigate some shit at 5.
Zendaya  - Vintage. instagram @zendaya
View PictureVintage.
Zendaya  - Last night a instagram @zendaya
View PictureLast night at the London Evening Standard Theater Awards I got to present the stunningly beautiful and incredibly talented @msamberpriley with an award. Much deserved queen✨
Zendaya  - πŸŽ€ instagram @zendaya
View PictureπŸŽ€
Zendaya  - I'm almost r instagram @zendaya
View PictureI'm almost ready...I swear
Zendaya  - Smile more. instagram @zendaya
View PictureSmile more.
Zendaya  - Life imitati instagram @zendaya
View PictureLife imitating art.
Zendaya  - THE dress. instagram @zendaya
View PictureTHE dress.
Zendaya  - Sunshine instagram @zendaya
View PictureSunshine
Zendaya  - 🌌<a href="/ instagram @zendaya
View Picture🌌@boohoo @zoeygrossman @luxurylaw
Zendaya  - 🌴 instagram @zendaya
View Picture🌴
Zendaya  - We're kind o instagram @zendaya
View PictureWe're kind of a package deal✨
Zendaya  - 🌞 instagram @zendaya
View Picture🌞
Zendaya  - The art of t instagram @zendaya
View PictureThe art of transformation. 1/8
Zendaya  - Trying to ma instagram @zendaya
View PictureTrying to make a clever caption about my dress being a butterfly and flying back home from Australia...but it hasn't come to me, so here we are.
Zendaya  - 🦁<a href="/ instagram @zendaya
View Picture🦁@glamourmag
Zendaya  - 🦁 instagram @zendaya
View Picture🦁
Zendaya  - My other hal instagram @zendaya
View PictureMy other half is a college graduate!!!!πŸ’« (The pose consistency)
Zendaya  - A photo of m instagram @zendaya
View PictureA photo of me taking a photo of a photo of me.
Zendaya  - Thank you <a instagram @zendaya
View PictureThank you @bloomingdales for this very special collab! Pieces inspired by @greatestshowman Zendaya x AQUA available online nowπŸŽ‡πŸ’« (Link in bio)